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Friday, 19 August 2016 11:58

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

P/Supt Ariston Limos surely is as able and dutiful as his predecessor, though now beleaguered P/Supt  Ariel Huesca.

Having sat as Company Commander of the Zamboanga City Public Safety Company (ZCPSC) only in the recent months, Limos is very lucky to have received, on behalf of his command, the distinguished award as the Best City Public Safety Company (National Level). The award was personally handed over to him by Pres. Rodrigo Duterte during 115th Police Service Anniversary in Camp Crame.

Certainly, achievements of the office could only have been the criteria for the honors.

And achievements are not compiled and measured only in recent months. They span back to some earlier times. That would necessarily mean, including the incumbency of Huesca.

Nevertheless, WS congratulates Limos for the conferment of the accolade. Things as they are, for the record, the tribute was presented under his watch. More power, Sir.

And while the Huesca can not be shared credit for the bestowal, besieged as of now, a few words of praises for him here and there would suffice, we surmise. Here goes -

“Ha! How in the world could Huesca be linked to smuggling?” or to that effect, were the words expressed in surprise by eMedia in a local paper yesterday. By the way the commentary was made, we guess the writer was Gil Climaco.

Whoever and whatever, in expressing surprise eMedia contended, the achievements and exploits of Huesca in his former posts, even when then with the PRO-9 are so meritorious to give credence to reports he is into illegal activities.

EMedia added, Huesca was such a conscientious officer that renders the suspicion ridiculous.

Supt. Huesca, Sir, hold your head up high, there are still believers in you. Hopefully, the investigating body, neutral as they are for sure, comes up with their findings early.

Good luck, officer.

* * * *

Nupuede controla cunel consejo si Vice Mayor Iturralde — Cabato. (Vice Mayor Iturralde cannot control the City Council). So screamed a TV report of my statement over the presence of a heavy retinue of policemen during the session last.

While WS may have been quoted out of context, he does not take offense to the report released on eMedia.

News reports are normally fashioned in ways that command the attention of listeners and readers. Due to that, WS takes it with a grain of salt. WS even commends the writer-reporter for the cleverly crafted news item. Witty and wily.

WS’s statement was to this effect, “The presence of added policemen is unusual. It is an indication that the council cannot be controlled. It so happens, the one responsible for its control is the Vice Mayor. But blame should not be laid solely on him. Equally at fault are some councilors who are unruly.” That accounts for the increased security to maintain order when matters get out of hand.


* * * *

There’s no stopping the Duterte mouth. Even after his metamorphosis into a butterfly, he still spits out vile after vile. This time Pres. Rodrigo Duterte Duterte denounced Sen. Leila de Lima for allegedly having an affair with her married driver, who, the President also claimed, collected money from illegal drug traders.

“Here is an immoral woman flaunting … insofar as the wife of the driver is concerned, it’s adultery. Here is a woman who funded the house of her lover...”  the President said in a speech at the 115th anniversary of the police service in Camp Crame.

De Lima was at first not named, but later at the Manila airport, the President revealed that he was referring to the senator who has been critical of his anti-drug campaign.

On the verge of tears, de Lima only had this to say, “It’s very surprising. My first reaction now [is] I don’t want to dignify that,”.  Her voice trembling, she added, “It’s so foul, it’s character assassination. We are both professionals, the President and I. We are both public servants. I hope he doesn’t resort to those foul means.”

It will be recalled, it was former “jueteng” whistleblower Sandra Cam who first exposed this sex life issue of the lady lawmaker’s private life, who claimed she was in possession of the sex video allegedly featuring then Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

It is a fake. So says De Lima even as she maintains she won’t dignify the issue and press charges against Cam, even after expressing that Cam’s been committing a crime already all this time.

Asked then why she was not taking any action against Cam,  De Lima said, coyly very likely, “I can’t. It’s really demeaning . Attacks to me like that (do) not deserve an ounce of dignified response. I refuse to be dragged in such gutter tactics.”


Oy, oy, nuay yo habla nada. (Hey, hey, I said nothing.)

This one then bears watching. Sen. De Lima has found allies in her sorry state.. Liberal Party (LP) senators have rallied behind her, urging the Senate leadership to make a stand on what one described as an “unprecedented attack” on its member.

LP vice chair and Senate President Pro-Tempore Franklin Drilon immediately reacted, and texted reporters Wednesday night, “The Liberal Party will stand by and support Senator de Lima.”

But by the way, de Lima reacted to the Cam charges, will she walk the extra mile or will she take a similar stance as before?

Without saying anything, that may probably explain the “Hmmmm…”

O, nuay yo cosa ya habla oleh. (Hey, didn’t say anything again.)

* * * *

The Duterte trash talk mounts up all the way to the United Nations, calling “stupid” its criticism of his controversial crime war that has claimed 1,000 lives, “stupid”, and warned the global body not to interfere in his campaign. The then political outsider, who swept to a landslide election victory in May largely on a pledge to kill tens of thousands of criminals, said he would continue his anti-drug crackdown despite mounting criticism, including those from UN chief Ban Ki-moon.

“Why would the United Nations be so easily swayed into interfering in the affairs of this republic? There are only 1,000 (killed),” he said at an event marking the 115th anniversary of the police force.

The UN has made “a very stupid proposition”, Duterte said, warning them not to meddle in the country’s politics.

* * * *