Lawlessness and the rule of law PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 21 August 2016 15:13


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Civilized and educated, all of us are supposed to be law abiding citizens of this Republic where all endeavors pertaining to our way of living must follow the rule of law as the main guiding principle. Anyone in his right mind knows well that to get involve in illegal activities or commit unlawful acts constitutes a transgression or crime with corresponding penalty before the duly instituted authorities. Doing anything that is prohibited by law is certainly making a mockery of the law. Lawlessness is nothing but a total disrespect for the laws of our land.

Notwithstanding, historical accounts told us that among the past chief executives some of them have been accused of alleged corrupt practices or plunder or culpable violation of the Constitution. Similarly, a chief justice and other judiciary officials, and also several legislators have suffered the same fate when they were placed under investigation on graft charges. The Office of the Ombudsman has confirmed these cases that included a number of LGU and barangay officials as well as ordinary civil service workers.

Upon assumption to office, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte started to fulfill his promises to the electorates most especially in eradicating the lucrative illegal drugs trade, uncontrollable corruption in government and the upsurge of criminalities in our midst many years now. As the campaign against illegal drugs was intensified, almost every day suspected pushers or peddlers are gunned down after trying to fight it out with the law enforcers during buy bust operations that are conducted nationwide. Consequently, people who are involved in drugs are thrown into a state of fear and consternation that resulted to the thousands of known pushers and users surrendering to the authorities with the pledge to stay away from drugs and, instead, support the government efforts to rid this country of drugs. Among the surrenderers are mayors, other LGU and barangay officials, several police and military officers.

Despite the amazing turnouts of those denouncing their preposterous link to illegal drugs, however, tongue-lashings from self-made critics seem to be inevitable as they look for some flaws for their skepticism. Anyway the tactical step taken to flush out those rascals in government service has proven so effective in a span of over a month.

The law is ignored, disobeyed and defied just to take pleasure the illegal way. And when penalized, the offender cries “foul!” to seek justice through the rule of law. Too absurd!

Corruption is the outcome of the violations of existing Civil Service Law, rules and regulations or guidelines required of all personnel in a particular government agency to strictly follow. The unscrupulous use of one’s position for profit or advantages, malpractices and irregularities are also forms of corruption in public service which carry the weight of lawlessness, too. Pres. Duterte has denounced through the media a number pf public offices where corruption is evidently rampant in the past many years. Initial steps were taken to cure the acute malady in order to restore the trust and confidence of the constituents on the government. Apparently lawlessness is creeping on the swivel chairs where sit feigned officials who profess to be staunch advocates of the rules of law.

Criminalities include kidnap-for-ransom, holdup, carnap, robbery, human trafficking, cybercrimes, bounty killing, salvaging, etc. The PNP and other law enforcement agencies have been ordered to run after all kinds of criminals to restore law and other, maintain peace and security in all communities across the country. According to police reports, there exist a secret link between political clans or unscrupulous traders and bandits that contributed to the difficulties faced by government troops in their pursuit operations.

According to a former military intelligence officer, it’s impossible for lawlessness in a particular area to stretch an inch without a blot of connivance within the circle of the rule of law that can spoil the whole operation plan. If left undetected or ignored, tragedy can happen.