No pain, no gain, no glory PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 21 August 2016 15:14



“Enter by the narrow gate…” (Lk 13,24) Sorry if I bring out this rather inconvenient topic, but if we have to be realistic about our life, I believe we need to consider it and get to the bottom of this need for suffering. If there’s no pain in life, there will be no gain, nor glory in this life or in the life hereafter.

In fact, the ideal attitude toward suffering is to welcome it, since in the first place, it cannot be avoided no matter how much we try. We have to cultivate a more positive outlook toward it and relish its inherent benefits for us.

We need to suffer for three main reasons. First is that our human nature itself by necessity involves it. We are made of different parts and aspects—material and spiritual, personal and social, and ultimately, the natural and supernatural destination meant for us—and this variety of parts and aspects unavoidably involves tension.

While it’s true that these parts and aspects are by nature meant for each other, and therefore, they ought to be harmonious, it’s still a harmony that we have to work out. Because of that, we cannot avoid some kind of tension, and tension is a kind of suffering already.

Secondly, aside from the tension caused by our different parts and aspects, we also have to contend with the effects of sin, both the original one and our own personal sins.

Sin makes us suffer some more. We know that due to original sin which makes us lose the state of original justice meant for us when God created us, we have lost not only grace but also what are called