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Monday, 22 August 2016 14:49

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

A work of perfect theatric art. That is how WS describes the video clip that appeared on FB yesterday on the supposed De Lima privilege speech in the Senate, claiming she personally will surrender her mandate as Senator.

The portrayal was immaculately clean, Vivid. Flamboyant. And melodramatic.

It’s a good thing this corner refused to take it hook, line and sinker, as depicted this wise — “WS did  view the clip today, but he is not yet fully convinced of it, for if the showing was true, it would have hugged today’s dailies. But not one paper bannered the story, hot as it surely is.

Secondly, in the same film, de Lima was depicted to openly admit connections with the Bilibid Shabu laboratory. And a top-notch lawyer of her stature, never would have.

Thirdly, in today’s tabloids, she even flatly denied link to any drug lord. Much more the shabu lab! The (He) hell she would, unless she was just needling Duterte.

But admittedly the whole day yesterday, WS kept on monitoring developments of the angle. But nothing more came of it in on  fb. Zero on radio. Zero on radio-tv. Zero on papers, up to this very moment.

I texted some friends to please view the video. Except from Daughter-Bali Cap Aimie, WS received no feedbacks. Aimie replied, “Pops, I viewed the video twice in a row, the clip is all spliced up. Edited.”

Believe me. T’was a work of perfect theatric art.

Viewed it on the timeline of Randy Cartagena, who is convinced it is genuine

Should anyone be interested, try surfing the net, To see is to believe. And WS is planning to share it today.

* * * *

One more falls, as in shot dead, while two more handcuffed in  separate drugs raids. Soon as WS saw on a local paper the banner story on the fall, his immediate interest was to see which AOR (Area of Responsibility.) was it - Tetuan or Ayala? Bull’s eye! This time, it’s Tetuan.

Has anybody taken notice? The sure-hit drug strikes occur only in these two AOR’s. Congratulations to P/Sup Nonito Asdai and men. Equally deserving of kudos are P/Chief Insp. Karib Muharram and operatives. Although not as explosive, but are likewise active, are Chief Inspector Elmer Solon, Chief Insp. Arlan Delumpines, Chief Insp. Gary Bahoy, Chief Insp. Chester Natividad and Superintendent Diomarie Albarico, who is now deputy city director for administration. Joining them on the list much earlier is P/Chief Insp. Hingming Chang Ladjaali They all deserve pats on the back. Accolades to you, officers and men.

Meanwhile, men of the Sinunuc Police Station led by Chief Insp. Hingming Ladjaali arrested two suspected drug pushers in Campo Islam Thursday night.

Arrested were Michael Labbay y Lakibul, 21, married and his older sister Merna Labbay y Lakibul, 23, single, both residents of Marlboro Drive, Campo Islam.

Seized from their possession were five sachets of suspected shabu, marked money and several drug paraphernalia.

According to Ladjaali, Michael had already surrendered several weeks ago and had promised to stop selling and using shabu.

See, what happens when one persists on wrongdoings? Surrenderees must remember, they are marked targets. Reform.

* * * *

The Manila court hearing the rebellion charges against Moro National Liberation members involved in the September 13 bloody siege reportedly wants to enter into a plea bargaining agreement with  Zamboanga City  government.

If memory serves WS right, when that is forged, the rebellion charges will be lowered to mere illegal assembly, and possibly not even sedition as quoted of a city councilor in a local paper.

In  chacvano, ta habla sila (they say), “Let us to see.”

Therefore, upon pleading guilty, the marauders will go scot free. Conviction for the crime of illegal assembly, if again we remember right, carries jail terms for only months of imprisonment, and the accused rebels have been in  detention for close to three years now. So,. when the charges are amended, they are as free as birds.

* * * *

1st Dist. Cong. CelsoLobregat praised  President Rodrigo Duterte for having initiated what he described as a real change in the country which the people have been longing for.

“Change is here and the President is serious in what he is doing. And as you can see for yourself, the effect is really shocking to those who are sort of guilty, and awe to those who wanted change,” Lobregat said.

This, he said, during the meeting of the House Committee on Appropriations this week where a press briefing was called about the national budget preparations, where its members were asked about how they described the first 50 days of Duterte administration.

Likewise, the lawmakers from the majority coalition in the House of Representatives lauded President Duterte for quick changes he has introduced in the first days of his administration.

The high-ranking officers of the House appropriations committee in which Lobregat is sitting as the vice-chairman, said they were impressed at how Duterte implemented his campaign promise of cracking down on drugs in nearly two months of his watch. Duterte vowed to eliminate drugs within the first six months of his term.

* * * *

Litol by litol (Little by little) the cat is scrambling out of the bag. Admitting that she and her former driver-bodyguard were close, Senator Leila De Lima on Saturday appealed that he be spared from attacks and that he should not be included in her quarrel with President Rodrigo Duterte.

And this aptly describes the intimacy - “We got close, but just how close I will no longer touch on that because it’s too personal,” she told reporters.

“Too personal,” she quipped. And had added words of sympathy for Ronnie Palisoc Dayan, who she said is now hiding for fear of his life.

“His life is in danger. He sent me an S.O.S. He is extremely fearful for his life,” De Lima said in a news forum in Quezon City.

“Do not touch him,” the senator pleaded to authorities after receiving reports that some people are tracking him down.

She said Dayan went into hiding after being warned that some civilians and police personnel are hunting him down, threatening to kill or kidnap him to serve as state witness against De Lima.

Fear for his life?

Inexplicable. Is being sought to testify frightful? When one is sought to testify in favor of the seekers, the latter should even cuddle him. Kill? Incomprehensible, really.

Meanwhile, De Lima bared attempts of some people to convince personnel at the New Bilibid Prison to testify against her, but said, there are no takers.

* * * *

Pres. Duterte on Sunday went a notch higher in his self-initiated tiff with the United Nations (UN), as he threatened to withdraw the country’s membership with the body amid calls from rights experts to put an end to extrajudicial killings.

Duterte again hit the UN’s supposed meddling in the state affairs here when special rapporteurs from the intergovernmental body welcomed the challenge to look into the rising death toll attributed to the administration’s intensified war against illegal drugs.

Duterte said the UN special rapporteurs broke protocol when they aired a statement criticizing his administration.

“You do not just throw that kind of allegations or statement without even coming here,” he said, “You’re just relying on the reports of newspapers and tabloids. That’s what you do.”

Reminding the UN that he was not just a mayor anymore, the chief executive demanded to see the rapporteur in the Philippines or somewhere else.

“Let them talk to me and let them face me with hard facts,” he added.

Earlier, presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said the government did not extend any invitation to any third party observer, adding that “the drug situation is being responsibly addressed by Philippine authorities.” (PDI-fed)