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Tuesday, 23 August 2016 14:24

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

Another hurried writing today, starting out late after doing some separate tasks for Bali Cap-daughter Aimie and her Mother Lily. Here goes.

The statement made by Dist. Cong. Celso Lobregat was a clear picture on the Musa-NCIP RO-9 controversy. for the haste of the Yellow Team in grabbing the majority number in the City Council membership is what motivates them to prematurely go for the jugular and oust the Indigenous People representative to the City Council and install their choice. No more, no less.

All known norms, be they legal, moral, social or what have you, thrown to the garbage can.

In crystal clear form, while the National Council on Indigenous People regional office may have retracted Musa’s Certificate of Affirmation, conferring the same on Tunkuh Hanapi, the NCIP regional office action is appealable in two fora. The NCIP-Manila Office and the Appellate Court.

That, a fact, would normally demand a stay in execution of NCIP RO-9 decision.

But, no. The heck with all known norms, be they legal, moral, social or what have you. To snatch the council majority,  the system is relegated to the garbage can.

How the Red Team moves in the Tuesday, the 23rd session is so monstrous of a task.

The Yellow Team will have the numbers.

* * * *

This could be the understatement of the year - “The best tribute to Ninoy Aquino is the war on drugs.” Not quoting anyone, except to show former Sen. Heherson Alvarez laying a wreath of Aquino’s grave, this was what the PDI wrote today.

But it was only a few days ago, if you remember that we quoted TMT Rigoberto Tiglao as, in effect tagging son Noynoy as a “drug coddler”.

Markedly, he said, Noynoy sat in office for six (6) years and at the beginning of each year, he gave a State a of the Nation Address (SONA) in joint sessions of the Senate and Congress. And that, in any of those addresses, not even once did Noynoy ever mention the drug menace in the country.

In view thereof, how can any one say, the drug war is a tribute to Aquino, the father?

Thus, the obvious understatement, “The best tribute to Ninoy Aquino is the war on drugs.”

What say you?

* * * *

There’s more to it than meets the eye on the killing of a drug suspect named as Abdulmuhmin Sumampil y Ramos, 36, married, of Sengal, Lamitan City, then under detention in the local PDEA office, .

Reports say, Manny, father of slain suspect and said to be the president of the Association of Barangay Captains in Lamitan, claimed that before his son was shot dead there had been a “negotiation” for PDEA to reverse the charges against him.

dxNO Basilan station manager Richard Falcatan quoted the elder Sumampil as saying some PDEA personnel had first asked P200,000 to facilitate the release of his son.

Manny showed text messages of the negotiation in which he said the PDEA personnel lowered the asking amount to P100,000.

He said he already sent Thursday the partial amount of P30,000 through money transfer, showing a receipt.

However, the PDEA regional office in a statement denied Manny’s allegation. “If we did receive money, why would we allegedly kill Boboy Sumampil? It runs contrary to logic, because the family would certainly cry foul,” PDEA-9 said in a statement.

In the same breath, the PDEA did not discount the possibility, there is a corrupt agent in our office who secretly made a deal with the family. The case being such, it urged those with personal knowledge of the issue to visit our office, together with PNP personnel, to pinpoint the person so that proper criminal cases will be filed by the PNP. The PDEA will take care of the administrative case.”

It added, too that based on their probe on the matter, the possibility there are unscrupulous people who pretended to be PDEA personnel, and extorted money from the family is similarly present;

Per earlier version, as reported to the Sinunuc Police Station, Sumampil allegedly attempted to stab PDEA Assistant Regional Director Levi Sotelo Ortiz using an umbrella nail and tried to grab the officer’s pistol inside the PDEA headquarters in Calarian.

Ortiz told police investigators he found no other option to defend himself but to shoot Sumampil twice in the body.

Further police investigation disclosed that Sumampil had been become unruly inside the detention cell of the PDEA headquarters which prompted other detainees to ask PDEA personnel to lock him in another detention cell to avoid violence.

However, while Sumampil was being transferred to another cell, he asked the PDEA personnel to talk to Ortiz as he wanted to reveal some identities of big time shabu pushers.

That is where Sumampil, when taken to Ortiz’s office, that he allegedly pulled an umbrella nail and attacked the PDEA officer.

Ortiz tried to calm him down but he continued attacking and tried to grab the PDEA officer’s caliber 40 pistol.

Sensing his life was in danger and seeing Sumampil was uncontrollable,  Ortiz drew his gun and pumped two bullets into the suspect’s body.

* * * *

Superintendent Nonito Asdai has added another feather on his cap. The other day, he led a team to run after a suspected drug pusher included in the drug watch list of Police Station 6 at Mormons Dr., Tetuan. And again, suspect  Romuald Atilano, alias Jefrox allegedly resisted arrest and engaged in a shootout with the anti-illegal drugs special operations task group (AIDSOTG) that resulted to his death.

The authorities recovered from the suspect a revolver bearing serial number 021094 loaded with 5 live ammunition and a deformed slug, a small size heat-sealed transparent sachet containing suspected shabu and the P100 marked money bill.

Atilano was the 12th suspected drug pusher killed in connection to the rigorous anti-drug operations of the Zamboanga City Police Office.

It’s a seesaw score between Asdai and P/Chief Insp Karib Muharram in neutralizing drug suspects who resist arrest and fights it out with lawmen.

Hail to the duo!

* * * *

Can the top-notch lawyer Sen. still wiggle out of the sorry state dealt her by the retired fiscal, who has long shifted to politics for over a score now. 33 years, if memory serves WS right.

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte says he is in possession of wiretaps and ATM records showing that the former driver-bodyguard of Sen. Leila de Lima transacted with drug syndicates at the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa when she was Justice secretary.

Duterte made the revelation in a news conference at 1 a.m. in Davao City on Sunday, where he addressed criticisms, including his relatives abroad, over his public exposure of de Lima’s alleged affair with the driver-bodyguard, identified as Ronnie Palisoc Dayan.

Duterte claimed, based on their “lovers’ talk” over the phone, de Lima could only have sanctioned the driver-bodyguard to allegedly collect money from drug traders for de Lima’s senatorial campaign, and he could not have acted without her knowledge. The two were intimate, he said. And that this accounts why the benefactor-inmates had special privileges inside the penitentiary.

Duterte said a foreign country, which he did not name, provided the wiretaps. “Even the ATM (automated teller machine) and the calls emanating from Muntinlupa to her driver,” he said.

The President admitted that the recordings are inadmissible as evidence in court, but said he would confront de Lima with these if given the chance.

Yesterday, De Lima admitted being close to her former driver, but as to how close she chose to keep silence, saying it was too personal. She likewise, denied that she tolerated illegal drug trade and pocketed money from drug syndicates.

* * * *

This is the point, WS was driving at when Sen. De Lima said there those out to kill her alleged driver-lover, writing that for them to use Dayan as state witness, so instead of killing, he was to be cuddled.

Now, this official statement - the Department of Justice (DOJ) is open to putting the former driver-bodyguard of Sen. Leila de Lima and a former Justice undersecretary in the Witness Protection Program (WPP) if they can testify to the lawmaker’s links to illegal drug syndicates in the New Bilibid Prison (NBP).