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Wednesday, 24 August 2016 11:35



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Circumcise your hearts, therefore, and do not be stiff-necked any longer…” (Deuteronomy 10:16, the Holy Bible).

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SENATE PROBE CONFIRMS NECESSITY OF FIERCE WAR VS. DRUGS: The Senate inquiry on what is now known as “extra-judicial killings” strengthened, rather than weakened, the campaign against illegal drugs that is being waged quite ferociously by President Duterte and his government since its installation on June 30, 2016.

Among many other things, the inquiry showed that the illegal drugs menace in the Philippines poses a big, big threat not only to individual Filipinos but to the whole nation as well, thereby making it a national calamity that must be addressed, violently if need be, if we want to stop the slide of the country towards a system where we are ruled by  drug cartels, drug lords, and drug syndicates.

Yes, there will be missteps and abuses, particularly by rouge policemen or other law enforcement authorities who would be exploiting, as some of them have indeed already exploited, Duterte’s marching orders against drug addicts and drug lords, but, indeed, we are now facing a war where our country’s survival is at stake, a war which is vicious, and violent, and deadly, and which was brought and foisted upon us by those who have been profiting from the illegal drugs trade for some time now.

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ANOTHER CAMPAIGN VS. DRUGS MUST BE WAGED: Be that as it may, I reiterate my submission: in the campaign against drugs, crime, and corruption, it would be a criminal mistake if the Duterte government will solely be using the might, force, and the awesome powers, of the State, to crush those who have been engaged in drug pushing.

True, no criminal syndicate can ever match the firepower of the government’s armed forces, and no one can question the right of those in power to use all force that would be necessary to eliminate or stop the scourge of drug addition and drug peddling among our countrymen.

But I am sure that for every drug addict or drug lord who maybe killed while Duterte is in power, other persons would simply take their places as time goes by, and would become the new addict or the new drug lord. The frightening scenario here is the “mutation” of these new addicts or new drug lords into fiercer, greedier, and more determined drug personalities, particularly when Duterte is no longer around, perhaps in 2022, or, God forbid, sooner than is expected.

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DUTERTE GOV’T MUST TRY TO CHANGE FILIPINOS IN THEIR MINDS AND HEARTS: I reiterate: side by side with the on-going violent and unforgiving police and military campaign to eradicate illegal drugs, there must be a parallel campaign to change the minds and hearts of Filipinos, from being supportive of drug abuse or drug use, for whatever reason, to being abhorrent of all forms of illegal acts and practices.

This can only be done by bringing our people back to the basics of good manners and right conduct, of loving and fearing God above all else, with all their heart, with all their souls and all their might, and of treating other persons as they would want themselves to be treated, or talked to, or considered.

How do we do this? We can start by imitating what the Supreme Court has done in all the courts nationwide—require people who have anything to do with the dispensation of justice to pray to a God who is “the supreme Judge”. Duterte can order all the offices in the executive department to gather its officials and employees every morning, before any transaction is to be carried out, to also pray. The prayer of a righteous man, after all, is powerful and effective!

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