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Thursday, 25 August 2016 14:17


BY Sarita Sebastian

At long last , our City Council has already organized the different committees with its respective chairman, a signal that our city dads and moms will buckle up and start their  work as local legislators, meant  to create and pass resolutions or ordinances for our Beautiful City.

I understand Councilor BG Guingona heads the Council Committee on Tourism which probably will be one of the busiest committees in their term of office. We have been looking forward to that development because we have a lot of matters to work out most especially with our City Tourism Code which was authored by my late Ninang Councilor Mila Velasquez.

Yes,  our Tourism Code is quite antiquated , which needs an overhaul  as much as possible, to be in tune with the present situation of our local tourism industry. Among the things that I will take up with Councilor BG is the issue on regulation, for the city to be guided and for the Tourism Oriented Establishments   to observe and follow. Ese para Claro !

While we appreciate the mushrooming of tourism oriented establishments (Accommodations, restaurants , travel agencies, ticketing agencies, tour agencies )  in the city, but sometimes, things get out of bounce in matters of operation, which is detrimental to the government,  and as a state worker, I feel it is TOTALLY UNFAIR.

In my travels to other big cities in our country, I had the chance to check out their tourism code. And mind you, it is simple but beneficial  both for the government and the stakeholders and the people as a whole. We do not need lots of trash  in our laws/ ordinances. What is needed is something timely, practical , clear,and effective for the good of the Tourism  Industry.

Oh yeah, no political colors please, I am not a politician in the first place. Our main concern is how to effectively implement approved programs backed up with sound legislation and of course the support of our  Mayor. At this point in time, we cannot afford to delay. Whether we like it or not , we are far behind other cities in the country, in some aspects and we have to accept it. It is not the end of the world, we can still do a lot. Si  mo puede man gayod, esta bien! Whew! Email this writer at Sebastian.sarita@gmail.com