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Sunday, 28 August 2016 15:01

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

At 12.30 writing not that so late. The same reasons as in previous is the cause. But good to note, starting time yesterday was 1:30,  if you recall but we still had regular sized SS. Dunno today.

For a Zamboangueño to bag the Secretary-Generalship of an Asian Region in an international association is no mean feat. Though definitely not in the category of Rio Silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz, but just the same, it brings big honor to the city. It means a Zamboangueño is a cut above the rest of other personalities in the Asia Pacific Region.

A Zamboangueño advocate for the rights and welfare of persons with disabilities (PWDs),  Teddy Kahil, was recently elected as the Secretary General of the World Blind Union (WBU) for the Asia Pacific Region in an assembly held in Orlando, Florida earlier this week.

Kahil, who is visually-impaired has been a lifelong advocate of PWD rights and a recipient of the prestigious Apolinario Mabini award. He has been serving with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in region 9 and is now the head of the special office for the PWDs of the city, and his connection with the Arfea Vocational Regabilitation Center III (AVRC III is not very clear. He is also the concurrent president of the Philippine Blind Union (PBU) and of the Regional PWDs association.

Now, as president of the international body, Kahil is tasked to push for the rights of the visually-impaired, particularly “pushing for the ratification of the MARRAKESH Treaty to Facilitate access to Published Works by Visually Impaired Persons and Persons with Print Disabilities.

“This is not an easy task but I will try to do the best I can,” he said.

Kahil succeed Ho Tuck Choy of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Henry Salac, a close Kahil aide, is very proud of him. At the behest of his boss, he is now silent on the Kahil achievement. The last he posted on his fb timeline was that - and as at it turned out, Kahil remains humble - the latter contacted him against drumbeating his Florida exploit as he is not a politician.

It turned out, however, his advice was a little late. His achievement was already splashed all over and Councilor Boday had even sponsored a formal resolution in session assembled, which was adopted with unanimity, extolling him for his deed in an international field.

* * * *

The correct approach to control illegal drug trafficking is to target its source. This is the opinion of Homobono Adaza that coincides with the thinking of a newly elected member of the city council, whose identity WS opts to keep under wraps as he is a close relation. Baka ya lang mga critico, ta alsa man mismo banko. (Critics may say, WS is raising his own chair, which in this case is not truly mine. If you’ve not yet hear him speak on the subject, catch him when he is interviewed.

The view is that the drug users and the drug pushers are only as in the case victims, and in the case of pushers are only couriers. The sources are the drug lords who import the illegal drugs or their components from abroad and the drug lords who manufacture the illegal drugs in the Philippines. The next line in the illegal drug chain consists of the illegal drug distributors who secure the drugs from the illegal drug importers and manufacturers. After this line in the chain are the distributors to various illegal drug retailers and from the retailers to the illegal drug pushers and finally down to the illegal drug users.

That’s very well said.

And the commentary goes further. If government officials in the Bureau of Customs, Philippine Coast Guard, and Philippine Navy do their duties, no illegal drugs or their components could enter the country. When no illegal drugs or their components can enter the country then there will be no manufacturers or distributors. With nthat checked, there is no illegal drug supply. Ergo, there will be no retailers, illegal drug pushers and illegal drug users.

He also cited government officials protecting the illegal drug trade.

Paraphrasing the elimination of a snake, Adaza contends, one doesn’t kill the snake by cutting its tail. It’s the head of the snake that needs to be cut.

In the case. the head in the illegal drug problem is composed of the importers of the illegal drugs and components; the manufacturers of illegal drugs, the distributors of the illegal drugs; the retailers of the illegal drugs, the protectors of the illegal drugs and the recyclers of the illegal drugs. Get rid of them.  Problem solved.

* * * *

The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) charged the Bautista brother-politicians of Quezon City for dishonesty, neglect of duty, and unethical conduct as provided for in Executive Order No. 292, the Revised Penal Code, and Local Government Code.

They were also cited for violating the city ordinances on anti-drug abuse and rehabilitation program and implementing a drug-free workplace.

“Unfortunately for the people of Quezon City, your mayor has reduced the office of the local executive as a mere bystander (miron) in the government’s fight against illegal drugs,” said VACC head Dante Jimenez.

“He did not care to advise his brother councilor Bautista to resign for delicadeza for substance abuse,” he added.

Jimenez said his group filed the complaint as a message to everyone, particularly local government officials that “with more power comes great responsibility.”

He said “tolerance or sheer inaction should make you equally guilty with those who are into this evil of drug addition.

* * * *

WS had earlier written that in the Senate the postponement of the barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) officials polls is a done deal. That in the lower house, all senior officer-allies of President Rodrigo R. Duterte are for its deferment, too. And that if they had not yet consulted the boss-man, they would not have spoken too soon, as they did.

The cat is now out of the bag, Duterte on Friday said he favors the postponement of the barangay and (SK) elections slated in October for fear that drug money will be used to support some candidates.

The elections, he said will only give the country more trouble.

He further said that the funds amounting to billions of pesos might as well be used to build rehabilitation centers throughout the country.

With that said and done, the elections in October is off.

* * * *

While so many outside nations are against the Duterte-managed illegal drugs war, a supposed unfriendly neighbor appears not.

This MB story tells all. China said it acknowledges and supports the Duterte administration’s policy that prioritizes the fight against illegal drugs and drug-related crimes and stands ready to cooperate with the Philippines through the crafting of a joint working plan.

This declaration of support was issued by the Chinese Foreign Minister after Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. summoned this week the top Chinese diplomat in Manila to discuss the supposed involvement of Chinese nationals in the local drug trade.

Philippine National Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa had earlier said that nearly all illegal drugs in the Philippines, whether finished products or raw materials, came from China.

Li expressed China’s willingness to work out a specific plan of action with the Philippine government to combat illegal drug trade and in cracking down drug related crimes.