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Monday, 29 August 2016 14:47

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

SS writing time the few days, if you had noticed was always erratic .Early start, not so late a time and at a very late time to start. This has come into view ever since the WS politician-kids each rose a notch higher – Boday, from barangay captain to city councilor and Aimie, from no. 1 kagawad (actually, for two times in a row) to barangay chair. And at times, attention to other family and personal commitments also get in the way.

Due thereto, WS’s filial support to the duo, as well as family and personal attention had taken some part of his time, elucidating the erraticism of time schedule.

And today, SS starts grinding early as Boday and WS motor off to Latuan at 9 am for two reasons – 1. Attend for the first time the organization of a rising potent group in this city aimed at supporting government in its security obligations. And 2. Believe you me, while the city proper and some nearby parts here have been experiencing considerable rainy spells, Latuan had all these time been rainless. Therefore, our reason for the trip is also to monitor the situation of an inherited small rice field there, which soil according to caretaker Inding - at a time the rice seedlings are nearing fruition - has turned out cracking due the dry spell.

So, from today onwards, writing time will have to be minimized, which WS largely believes will make Editor Roy happy as the SS length invariably be shortened. Right, Ed?

* * * *

Infuriated by the Abu Sayyaf Group’s (ASG) indiscriminate killing activities, including the the recent merciless beheading of a young captive, President Duterte on Friday directed government security forces to destroy the bandit group now.

The Abu Sayyaf is “out of control” and there is only one way to deal with them: For the government security forces to crush them, Duterte told soldiers at the Armed Forces of the Philippines-Eastern Mindanao Command (AFP-Eastmincom) in Panacan, Davao City, last Friday.

And this time, he finally branded them criminals.

With an indefinite truce with communist rebels, and the Muslim separatist groups – Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) – having also expressed their desire to talk, Duterte said that the government is now in the best position to confront the Abu Sayyaf threat.

“So we have this time to concentrate on the front, sa drugs and extremism. So we have only two and they are just a few. Kaya natin yan pulbusin sa totoo lang,” Duterte told the soldiers.

In the meantime, ” Senate Minority Leader Ralph Recto said. “I think this is one dividend we would like to see – for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to have its undivided attention on Abu Sayyaf

“If we unleash really the firepower of the Armed Forces, ang problema lang it will also inflame passion there of the women and children. But kung talagang todasin natin yan, matapos ng isang linggo yan, to the last man,” he added.

Recto said some AFP units tied up in checking New People’s Army (NPA) activities could now be redeployed to areas where the Abu Sayyaf has grassroots support or within the reach of “Abu Sayyaf’s long arm of terror.”

During the senatorial campaign trail last summer, Recto called the “wiping out of the Abu Sayyaf” as the “Artikulo Uno” (Article One) of the urgent things the next president should do.

“Tuldukan na niya (Put an end to it). If he is drawing up a list of criminals who must be neutralized, then without doubt the Abu Sayyaf occupies the No. 1 spot,” Recto said. (MB-fed)

* * * *

As President Duterte rightfully insists that the bilateral talks between the Philippines and China should be centered on the international arbitral body’s decision favoring the Philippines, will the talks ever bear fruits?

Whew! Such a big question, for China had said, it does not respect te verdict of the court.

And as China behaves in a league of its solo self, one other big question  rises. Who will enforce the decision?

No to war, WS says.


* * * *

Pencils up. It’s 9 am, time for the long trip. Till next time around, folks. God bless.