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Monday, 29 August 2016 14:48


BY Sarita Sebastian

Hola! Thank Heaven, our local  tourism stakeholders are inspired these days to work harder  most especially their role in the tourism industry.

I’m referring to our tour guides, travel tour and ticket agencies and the newly organized hotel and restaurant association.

For quite a time, I was an observer, as far as their operation  is concerned. Although I must admit that I’d call the owner or manager or the person concerned whenever I hear or receive complaints from customers. I’d give suggestions too if being asked.

But in totality, my role or government’s role does not start and end in the scenario presented.There are measures that can be implemented to help improve the quality of service offered by our tourism stakeholders, which is very vital not just for profit but for customer’s satisfaction.

If I were to assess the situation, synchronized efforts between the government and the tourism stakeholders must be made..which gladly ,we are starting.

Groundworks are very much needed to identify issues and possible solutions. If the issue is on policy  then we have Councilor BG Guingona to assist us through his representation in the city council. If the issue is on the overall tourism atmosphere ,then we have the Mayor’s office through our division which must look into it. Although I must make it clear, that, we just can’t do anything without the support or approval of the Mayor. If the issue is on the kind of services offered in the city by our tourism stakeholders, then it falls under the turf of the business owners. The most we can do is call their attention.

That is the reason why I will be working on with Councilor BG with regard the possible amendments of our Tourism Code to lay down our cards clearly on the table in matters of  regulation, operation and monitoring.

In effect, this will boost our local tourism industry’s seamless operation. — Email this writer Sebastian.