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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 11:46

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

“When the Americans love you, they will shower you with champagne. When the Americans hate you, they will splatter you with you isolation, nay, poison.”

* * * *

WS remembers having written very recently to this effect, “From this day on, SS will definitely be briefer than those in previous months and that would make Ed Roy happy.” But can’t seem to locate it now. Was it really written or was it is just a plan that never saw print? Pray tell me, friends.

Whatever, though, as still in memory, the reasons cited were filial, family and personal obligations that have mounted when two WS politician-kids rose a notch higher - Boday from Barangay Captain to city councilor now fast-tracking the ropes of the new arena, and Aimie from No. 1 Kagawad (Actually two times in a row) to sitting barangay Chair now buckled to work with the anti-drugs menace her top priority; and cleanliness second.

As the pharaoh in the film “The Ten Commandments, consistently said, “So, it is written; so it shall be done.”

For reasons cited, length of all SS pieces will again be a lot shorter.

* * * *

P/Chief Insp Karib Muharram, chief of the Ayala Police Station, after a lull of some few days, is back in action.

Around 11:30 p.m. Friday, Muharram’s men, led by Insp. Haran Ulah under his baton, arrested Ridzmer Madz y Jamdani, 17, of Zone 5, Tulungatung who is a known drug pusher in the area. Confiscated from his possession were three sachets of shabu and P200 marked money.

The suspect is now under detaintion and the seized treated the usual way. And charges are being readied against him.

Not to be outdone, Divsioria’s head, P/Chief Insp Arlan Delumpines also nabbed two more suspected drug pushers in separate drug bust operations in Putik and in Tulungatung.

Both were taken in to face charges, but the news report carried only one name, that of Jessie Amba y Albios, 34, married, of Paseo de Putik. In view of the apparent oversight, news source is skipped.

* * * *

No less than the Abu Sayyaf itdelf has confirmed that it suffered heavy casualty -12 dead - in an encounter with Philippine troops Friday morning, the first reported hostility in the troubled south  since President Rodrigo Duterte ordered his military to destroy the ISIS- linked group after it beheaded an 18-year-old hostage.

Gen. Mayoralgo M. Dela Cruz, the commander of Western Mindanao Command, said the clash was a 45-minute firefight between troops of the Joint Task Force Sulu against some 100 Abu Sayyaf members in Patikul town, Sulu province.

Dela Cruz also quoted reports from the battleground as saying an undetermined number of the militants were also wounded in the clash, along with 17 soldiers, and that their troops continued Saturday to advance on remote areas of Patikul and Talipao in search of the remaining militants.

However, Abu Rami, an Abu Sayyaf spokesperson, per ABS CBN News disputed Dela Cruz’s claim  that among those killed was Abu Sayyaf sub-leader Mohammad Said, alias Ama Maas, who has five standing murder warrants out for his arrest.

Said is tagged as involved in the kidnapping of three foreigners from the luxurious Samal Island resort off Davao City in September last year.(DZT-fed)

* * * *

To be armed is to be forewarned, or so the saying goes. But hey, hey, hey, whoaaah there. This one here has all the trimmings of suspense. Read over.

President Rodrigo R. Duterte said the country is preparing for a war that will come “sooner than later”. Just when, he said he could not say, but of its certainty, he said yes.

His main target, however, as to what groups or nations against whom the country must prepare for war was altogether confusing.

Here are his points. “... the country must also get over the ‘small wars,’ pertaining to armed conflicts with the New People’s Army (NPA), Moro Islamic Liberation Front, and Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), and focus on the new war.”

Meaning, the latter three separfatist groups are out.

And he added, the war is certainly not against China as he reiterated that “we avoid trouble with them. Hindi pa natin kaya.” (We are not yet capable.

And this is the evident scenario. Duterte had said, the bilateral talks between the Philippines and China must be anchored on the International Arbitral Court (IAC) ruling ceding the Spratlys to the Philippines. But China vehemently refuses to respect the decision, and that talks with the Philippine should not be based on  the AIC ruling. Therefore, what can one expect, if not for China to retreat from the proposed talks iof Dutgerte sticks to his word for AIC-based talks.

Now, look over, in a possible slip of the tongue, knowingly or unknowingly, the president spoke of the dangers of engaging China in multilateral (actually, bilateral) talks on the disputed territory “because pag nag-withdraw ang China sa formal talks, (if China withdraws from the formal talks), it could only mean one thing.”

Boom..! Target exposed. Surely, your assumption is as good as mine. Right, folks?

* * * *

On the lighter side of the news. Three Philippine-listed companies made it to this year’s Forbes Asia Fabulous 50 List, a list of the region’s most publicly traded companies, led by online and mobile commerce company Alibaba Group this year.

The three Philippine companies that made it to this year’s honor roll are fastfood chain operator Jollibee Foods Corp., Puregold Price Club, the country’s second largest grocery chain, and Robinsons Retail, the Gokongwei group’s retailing arm.

The list is an annual honor roll of sorts, highlighting some of the brightest and biggest stars in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to Forbes, the Fab 50 companies are selected from a pool of 1,524 public companies in the region with at least $1.7 billion in annual revenue.

* * * *

This item is relatively brief again. ‘Til next time around, God bless us all.