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Wednesday, 07 September 2016 11:36

Sound Snipes

BY Jimmy Cabato

Power outage at a time net surfing for newsworthy items was about to end, catches Writing Sniper (WS) off guard again. Research work, pffft into thin air. Gone. Such tough luck, when in  the most recent days - in anticipation to sudden blackouts - it has become customary for WS to encode items direct from a USB page, with self instincts for automatic clicks on the key for saving work from time to time.

But today, self instincts failed me. No saving was made at all, so all efforts gone to waste.

Good thing, today WS did some little reading on selected interesting items, on which WS may delve to a certain level of degree.

Let’s give it a try.

* * * *

All roads today will lead to only two places - Camp Romeo Abendan and Camp Eduardo Batalla. These are the two camps that house the Police Regional Offices under P/Chief Supt. Billy Beltran. Abendan is in Mercedes, while Batalla kis at RFT Lim Blvd.

Reason. Philippine National Police Chief, Director General Rolnald “Bato” dela RFosa is here and will be meeting throngs upon throngs of visitors. Included in the list are the Barangay Chairmen and the Philippine Eagles Club.

* * * *

The City Police are doing their fair share of responsibilities in keeping watch over the city in moves to foil any possible terror attacks. This was reported in the DZT today, as is what is visible, as troops are deployed in all areas normally crowded with people.

Manifestly, too, so is the military. Soldiers are clearly posted by truckloads all over. Although Already into it, to appease the general public WS suggests for the military hierarchy to not be so bashful as to keep mum of their efforts as that would not help keep people feel. safe.

At this edgy point in time, public anxiety must be assuaged. For the military to come up with news advisories of their efforts is the call of the times.

Repeat, while in silence they are noticeably deep into it, but those who just stay at home and not able to see them, would definitely stay jittery. Thus, with such intent to appease the people, coming out with public advisories would certainly never be misconstrued as to being braggers.

How’s that for size, Sirs?

* * * *

The outburst of Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte against America’s Barack Obama on the latter’s announcements to “confront” the former on alleged extra-judicial killings and supposed negative public thrashing of international personalities may have made Obama chicken out of the proposed side talks.

Duterte’s tirades included, “The Philippines in no lap dog of America.” … “I am President of an independent democratic Republic and at par with all other presidents. I am accountable only to the Filipinos who voted me to be President. I am beholden to nobody, but nobody. No one else can tell me what to do.”

And today, it was reported that White House has cancelled Obama’s meeting with Duterte in Vientianne Laos.

So, how does that fit in on the Philippine-American ties?

Guess and hope, nothing changes. Obama just must be waiting for calmer times. Americans are matured enough to react with impulse.

Obama was even quoted in a TV video clip, to this effect, “President Duterte is a very colorful guy.” Just to what he was referring to was skipped.

At least, the message is evident. Obama understands the nature of Digong’s character.

* * * *

China, it appears is even tougher than Duterte in dealing with the President of the United States. President Obama was recently on what was to be a friendly visit to China. But host China wasn’t that friendly. The US leader discovered this immediately upon disembarking from Air Force 1 at the Hangzou, where world leaders are attending an economic summit. Upon deplaning, Chinese  authorities did not lay the gangplank on to the spread out red carpet. He had to exit through an alternate staircase.

The mediamen traveling with him were prevented to get anywhere near him. So, a word war erupted between an Obama presidential aide and a Chinese official.

It was a breach of tradition whenever a US president visits other countries. When the White House official insisted that they will set the rules for their president, her Chinese counterpart yelled back, “This is our country. This is our airport!

Whew! Such unpleasantries. Dwarfs the Duterte antics. Right?

* * * *

Sen. Leila de Lima appears unfazed of the Duterte “You are finished” declaration. Her scathing criticisms of Duterte never let up.

This time, she told the president. “Do not wag the dog.” She asked him to use his declared lawlessness declaration to stop the extra-judicial and not to mount it.

She also lectured Duterte on what is meant by lawlessness principle. It only means she said that the purely civilian police work can now be given to the military. No more, no less.