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Monday, 13 February 2017 12:31



BY Berlie G. Yap


“For though you have countless guides in Christ, you do not have many fathers. For I became your father in Christ Jesus through the gospel.”(1 Cor. 4:14, ESV)

Boredom is the foremost reason why youths are falling to hundreds of traps in our generation today. They easily leave the highway of righteousness and are thus mercilessly allured to the temptations of the world. Thus, it is essential that youthswill have mentors then in life; and the mentoring itself should also be creative, so that it won’t be boring to the youths.

Often, this particular stage is pretty critical, simply because it is literally expensive. On several occasions, any mentor will have to indeed spend monetarily, like to treat your trainees outside, as to win their hearts.My wife is a good mentor. One afternoon, there were these three ladieswho came to our house, to kill time. They came to my wife and had their good sharing together, until they already forgot the time.

It didn’t bother me though, because I was inside our room.It was an afternoon and soon the three friends got hungry. They asked my wife for food and before she could reply they already ate our dinner—for that coming evening, without adieu. That seemed to be a disaster, but such is reallypart of any good mentoring. There will indeed be a price to pay. Mentoring won’t come or happen without the needed struggle.

Candidly, we fasted then our dinner that evening, just to be able to mold the three friends. But it paid off,there story was something more than 20years already. Well, the three ladies are nowsuccessful professional, and also mentors themselvestoother younger ladies. They are also married nowand have even influenced their husbands to the Lord. Indeed, the stomach is only a way to win the heart.

Being friendly andnot bossy to your students is integral in any mentoring. A shepherd is loved by his sheep because he cares, but a cowboy is feared by his animals—the difference is affection. A chef was asked to what were his secret ingredients to his masterpieces. He politely replied, Love! Accordingly,he places love in every course he cooks.

Dogs are men’s best friends. They also are the best examples to loyalty, which can even bebetter sometimes than to humans. They are loyal because owners love them. But if the owner is bad, like when he arrives to the house, his dog may immediately cower—to hide, because of fear and in the absence of love.

Yes, pets do understand the power of love too. When we give love to others, even any harder person will easily respond and eventually be transformed by the power of God. Do you know thatlove is the most powerful arsenal in the universe? Mentors are also willing to sacrifice. They always go to the extra miles, just for their students to be formed and shaped to godliness. In fact, they are onesof thefew unsung heroes in our world today; that even whether or not they are acknowledged,they keep to press against any odds, just to be able to help their students.

Their sole satisfaction is to see their students become better individuals, even than them. That is why students retain their respects to their mentors, perpetually. The former do become the sons and daughters, though not by blood but by love, to the latter.Stevie Wonder said just because a man lacks the use of his eyes, it doesn’t mean that he lacks the VISION for his future. It’s not the naughtiness of the youths that can derail them to reach their destiny, it is the absence of mentors.

Give them a mentor, and theywill change!The can be the persons with great potentials to serve God and the country—as to become useful citizens in the State.Metamorphosis is a natural process by which any caterpillar changes to become a beautiful butterfly. Unbelievably, a frail and crawling thing can becomea beautiful butterfly then. It’s a natural phenomenon, or rather a miracle, in (God’s) creation.

Usually, when children may find caterpillars—on top of trees or crawling over leaves,they kill them. Butelements help the caterpillarsin the process, theirprocess does not happen though in an overnight time. The said miracle takes also for some time. Relatively, so is the making of a human life.I’ve been writing in the Daily Zamboanga Times, as an inspirational columnist, for almost 22 years already. Once, I shared about the subject of generation curse, thena woman read my column.

She was touched, then the following Sunday she cameand joined our church. She was excited and promised to already embrace the community as to be her second home. Around were her children ages 12 & 14. I noticed, one in particular, the older son. I will never forget it, he wore a long and folded stripe shirt. He never smiled. Accordingly,his mother did only forcehimto attend that Sunday. Actually, it took more Sundays for a sure tug-of-war,for the mom to convince the said son. That no wonder why he frowned all the time.

But patiently, the church coddled him. Patience is a virtue. All of us are a product to our own circumstances. The boy is that lonely because he also had his story. We built relationship to him. Until eventually he opened-up. By the grace of God, he also learnt to love the community. He is now a successful engineer and is also married to a beautiful lady.

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