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Tuesday, 14 February 2017 11:18


BY Berlie G. Yap


“And Jesus said to him, ‘If you can’! All things are possible for one who believes.” (Mk. 9:23, ESV)

Do you know that there are two persons, in the entire universe, which do not have any limits, everything to them is possible—God and man! Do you know also that there are no seeming heights, where human beings can’t reach! We are designed by the Creator according to His image and likeness. We are His reflections. Deep inside our beings lie a God-nature—ready to be released when we believe. Now, because of this creative characteristic hidden in our souls, all things are thus possible to us.

Who would imagine—in the past, that man could then reach the moon, discover the deep recesses of the oceans and now is also about to breakthrough in the field of science the cure for AIDS and even cancer. In fact, ordinary men can become great, if he is willing to pay the price for it. Probably you also have read then the story of Bill Gates, he used to be an MIT drop-out. His success is a complete inspiration to any ordinary guys, like you and me, who also have bigger dreams in life.

He was only a regular guy until Microsoft came. Gates did his best and made it; you and I can make it too, by the grace of God! Albeit, there shall be one single requirement along, if we can BELIEVE! Nothing is impossible to him who believes. Faith overcomes any obstacles. In fact, in the Bible faith divided the Red Sea, dried the Jordan River, men received their healings and miracles.

What can limit us though is our personal unbelief. Doubts can surely create an invisible ceiling or limitation to our God-given abilities. What distinguishes those who conquered in life than to those who remains in the rut? There is none actually, except to faith—their abilities to believe in God and so their abilities to also believe in their capacities.

Faith is an inner reservoir that can keep one going, even in any impossible situations. It provides him an undefeatable determination, where any tests of times are no matched to him. His faith inside his heart can easily dwarf a possible giant. Such is an arsenal which all the outside or evil forces are incapable to steal it. Friend, you can’t give up. We should stand on our own grounds, and take the necessary authority to possess our dreams. Let’s overcome all trials by faith!

Don’t give up your battle. Don’t also trade your faith to anything which seems to allure you along. I saw once a TV documentary which said that the world’s best pole or billiard players are mostly coming from the Philippines. And the amazing thing, these same players had all their humble beginnings from our unsuspecting slams or in rural barrios.

Now, due to economic constraints, they gave-up their ambitions here and instead they tried their luck to the Middle East and to other countries, to seek their little fortune by working as trainers to young Arabs and other nationals. The results, it is the latter who are now gaining more authority in such prestigious sports, amongst international competitions all over. None can’t blame these fellow Filipinos, because opportunities here are pretty limited.

Greatness does not happen overnight. Champions are not born, they are made. They go through painstaking trainings and mastery before they could create a name. Olympians are trained in years and only in limited days, before they achieve their gold. Candidly, this is the pretty part where many do not pass or they just simply fail—the willingness to pay the price of success. Again, NO PAIN NO GAIN; NO GUTS, NO GLORY.

First, one needs to be strong. Strength is a choice, it is not a feeling. There was this medieval story—a war was waged between these two kingdoms, and the attacking party was now losing. But something turned the events to an unprecedented victory, an amateur trumpeter was forced to replace his dead teacher. The general of the cavalry hinted him to sound the alarm of retreat, because thousands of their soldiers are now dead. Defeat was an absolute inevitability.

Notwithstanding, to the dismay of the former, the latter did instead blow the sound of advance, and never the sound of retreat! Thus, the remaining and the wounded soldiers pushed more. Then the unbelievable happened, there party won the battle! How in the world did it happen? The honest mistake of the trumpeter changed the tide of the battle—his alarm of advance re-energized the wounded, and did even give the necessary vigor to the dying.

When the time for the trumpeter to be rewarded came, he was asked by his general if why he sounded the advance signal, and not the retreat; he shyly answered that because he was only a mere trainee, and all he knew to play was only the advance alarm. Wow, delete your retreat signals my friend. BE STRONG always in the Lord! (To be continued.)

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