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Wednesday, 15 February 2017 11:31


BY Berlie G. Yap


“And Jesus said to him, ‘If you can’! All things are possible for one who believes.” (Mk. 9:23, ESV)

I’ll continue our discussion. I left yesterday sharing about the price of success. All of us may agree that success has a tag price, and success only belongs to those who are willing to bleed. Now, we go to the second point, DO NOT FEAR. Fear paralyzes a person. It is Satan’s sly to bluff you, actually to decapitate your determination to make it.

Bravery is a must to any person who has dreams to greatness. He has to prove to the world that he got what it takes. Such is not an arrogance but instead an open confidence, and even uncontainable to any who may stand along your way, as to challenge you. All of us can pass a same valley of the shadows of death. But we ought to fear no evil, because God is with us. Thus, BELIEVE and KEEP TO BELIEVE!

Third, DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED. I had a student who is three years older than his classmate. At first I wondered why and how. Then a time came where he had the chance to explain to me. He explained that it was because he was attending his bed-ridden father for two years. Nobody could do it but only him. The man is a hero. Few weeks later after we shared, his father passed away.

The boy didn’t give up. In fact, his inevitable circumstances did not kill his determinations. I won’t have any doubts that the same boy will also succeed in life, because his character is exceptional. Don’t bury your talents. Your gifts are your ladder to reach higher grounds. When you will use them you can go to places that you even have never dreamed of.

Your talents and abilities were not given by God, only for you to hide. They are there for you to use them. Our personal potentials are like rubber bands, which we can stretch to their maximum. Mediocrity is our only enemy that can definitely stop us along. Don’t be content to be average; fight your hardest to gain the virtue of excellence. Dance like nobody’s watching. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening and live like it’s heaven on earth.

Excellence is the common trait of the few GREATS here on earth, while mediocrity on the other hand are the common cloak to the many who stayed satisfied to be average. Mediocrity is also the cousin to failure. But here’s a good news, it ain’t yet late, if you settled to anything less, you still can start anew!

Here’s a funny question, can men be pregnant? Such is crazy, but in principles all people—including men, can be pregnant with dreams, desires & ambitions. Though women conceive through their wombs, men do in their hearts. Death is not the cessation of one’s breath, but of his dreams. Dreams boost your morale to reach the impossibilities.

Men are created by God to turn impossible things to be possible, and they happen through these two laws called the law of incubation and the law of fermentation. Both sound funny but are real or powerful. The law of incubation—like a hen which broods her eggs, then within 18-21 days such eggs hatch to be chicks.

Relatively, we also need to incubate our desires and dreams for some times until they can be hatched. The terms are confusing, but such work as a universal law. Another faculty we’ve which is very innate, and many do not even realize it, is our ability to imagine. Many discard it as only a cheap fantasy. No, try to imagine, in your mind every day, your godly desires. See them in your mind, as something a prospect which is about to happen and to become a reality anytime.

Everything literal thing is only a manifestation from the unseen. The real substance are not those which are tangible. Like an edifice, when does it start to exist? It is not when the carpenter first lifted his hammer or sawed the woods. It is when the architect or engineer was alone, in his study room, sketching the plan in pieces of papers. A building starts to rise in the heart of a professional.

The human brain is powerful. Do you wonder why people who are given the higher pay are not those who dirty their hands all the time, not those who sweat under the sun’s heat, but instead those who are behind an office table and who are dressed in their good suits? The most expensive contribution in any product is the stimulation of the brain, and not the flexes of the biceps.

Another component in this process is TIME. A ripening moment or “the due time” is crucial. The fullness of a mango can only be enjoyed when it’s already ripe. As they say don’t pick the green mango. Time is extremely important. When we start to be impatient we actually abort our fruits. There is a perfect time to everything. Tenacity is a virtue, and you need such to hatch your desires in the literal world.

Like any freshmen, he will have to endure first all the necessary hardships. He ought to see in his heart every day that he can graduate one day, and eventually land to a good job. Envisioning your desires regularly is a great help. It propels you to wade any unchartered waters, and it can make you stronger than the rest. It will be a driving force that can make you different. It will give you focus and undivided attentions. Though, just be ready because you can be branded then as a nut.


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