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Friday, 17 February 2017 13:47


BY Berlie G. Yap


“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”(Isaiah 43:19, NLT)

Your outright level of confidence will be depending to what kind of environment you came from. You are lucky if you came from a good background, but how about if you came from a broken home, or you grew up with just your mom, or only with a grandmother?

Then the story can be different. It is a big advantage if good values started from the set-up of your parents. But remember your destiny is not dependent of your background. It is in your life’s decisions TODAY. To how you respond to life’s storms will always determine your future. You are not bound to your past.

However our backgrounds can affect greatly our self-esteem. If you come from a dysfunctional environment,for sure you will find hard situations along. But, your breakthroughs start with every decision you make. Decide not to be stuck in the rut,believe that better things can happen to you, as it did to others.

Luck doesn’t choose whom to land. They come to people who yearn to see change in their lives, and desire to start a new lineage. It’s just alright to be a child of a launderer. But the difference is if you throw your towels and you succumb to believe that you belong foreverto such caste.

Never despise your humble beginnings, butneither as well be content to stay insignificant. Stand up and become the new beginning of blessings in your posterity. How about this, do you also come from a family of illiterates? Believe that you can be the first to be the learned in your family—that from you may begin a lineage of blessings.

I’ve a friend who’s been a three-term councilor in Iligan City. He’s a pastor by profession, but is also a successful fresh politician, with even a promising future. At first, he received various criticisms because many thought that he is confusing the separation of church and state.

However, the guy believes that politics must see a new breed of honest and righteous servants. Sure indeed, his constituents liked him and voted him for three terms. He introduced transformation in his city. He became a source of hope in an unlikely place. Philippine politics is traditionally dirty. But my friend broke the cycle of wrong, by starting right.

His life’s story is a personal favorite. He was a product of incest. His father is the uncle of his mother. One evening, this uncle raped his niece. The act was unacceptable and demonic. And the girl was only 15 years old.She got pregnant. Her pregnancy was a scientific impossibility,something same charges repel. Everyone thought that the baby can’t be born. There were also attempts for abortions. But it was a divine providence that the baby was protected.

After six months the baby was born pre-mature. He had to survive through tubes. Because the shame could not be acceptedby the girl’s family, the baby was given then for adoption. An elderly couple took him. He was cared as their own beloved son.The baby grew. Obviously, the background of the boy could right away tell that his growth was pretty abnormal. He was naughty and a constant headache, both in the house and in school. Besides, he was also sickly.

Then, when he was sophomore high school, somebody shared to him about the Bible. It was the beginning of his change. He committed his life to God. He also went to the Bible school and eventually became a pastor. He started from scratch until his congregation grew to hundreds.

He believed in the truth about the grace of God. That a person can walk in the redemptive power of the blood of Christ and generation curses can be broken. He preaches renewal.Gradually, God promoted him. At one time he was handling a Bible study where their City mayor was able to attend. The mayor noticed his charisma. He was invited to run as councilor under his ticket. So he decided then to run, but in his first attempt he landed number nine, just a step to be included in the magic 8.

He didn’t give-up but tried in the following elections and he won.Part of his life’s drama was when 10 years ago a European missionary gave him a car. The missionary lived in Ormoc. He was obliged to fetch the car in theVisayas. With a church member, they drove by-land. They passed this City where a source told him that his father lived there.

He felt an urge to take a drop and meet him. He found the address. When he knocked at the gate he felt a fast pounding inside his heart. He was in mixed emotions, whether to curse his bad father or to forgive him.Then the first meeting, it was a time suspended. He introduced himself as the son of that niece. The father turned pale because the pastor is a total semblance of the father. Instead of anger, the pastor embraced the father and addressed him papa. Now the old man broke in sobs.

He related that all in his life, he carried the guilt. He asked forgiveness. Now the pastor shared to him the love of God. Make long story short the man also gave his life to Jesus.His story is an example of wrong beginning that was rectified because of a decision. His decision to commit his life to Christ marked the start of restoration.My pastor friend has now a good family, a promising career and he even became a source of transformation in his City.

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