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Monday, 20 February 2017 12:03


BY Berlie G. Yap


“And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the LORD, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” (Josh. 24:15, ESV)

We live in a world full of façades. People hide their hurts through their fake smiles. We wear fancy clothes, get to be high-tech, or study any educations—in Zamboanga City sky is the limit. But at the end of the day, the truth does still remain: people are still hurting inside. We hide our wounds or bruises inside, as to be invisible to others, but God sees them.

Hurts and abuses in the past, unless dealt in the present, may keep to disturb you in the future. The line, do not judge a book by its cover really applies to all of us. An outside cover can look to be attractive; albeit, start to check, read the inside content and you can know the real value of the book.

What is inner healing? It is the healing of our past memories or the past abuses of our lives. Such is the healing of our souls. When we hurt in our flesh it is only easy; one may just apply any first aid, like betadine, and it will be ok after 3-5 days. Or mostly, we simply drink a medicine and we then can recover just in few days.

However, when your soul is the one to be wounded, such will be a sure problem. For its wounds may stay unhealed even for a life time. In fact, one can carry it through until he grows old or even to his grave. Again, unless such is dealt with, it will continue to wreak havocs against us, and can even affect our individual destiny.

There are other hurts which are a product to sexual abuses. This is worse than any physical ones, because the hurts can go deeper to the person’s morality. Once, we helped a lady. In counseling she opened up her real problem. Accordingly, she was in a relationship to a lesbian. She wanted to break loose from the latter because she already felt convictions in her heart.

She is pretty, has a good job and came from a decent family. What was her problem? We brought her to a deliverance session. By word of knowledge, the Lord revealed then her past life. She became an orphan when she was still very young. Her father did abuse her by touching her private parts. When she grew to be a teenager, few neighbors would peep on her, when she would take her bath.

Her earlier sexual abuses led her to a more confusion. Then she found a boyfriend. She trusted her and gave her all to him. She got pregnant one day. The guy’s parents did not like her. So she was left all by herself. She took care her baby as a single mother. Did you see the pattern? It spiraled her down even to a worse situation.

Few years later she again involved to a couple of guys then to this lesbian. It started as an undealt emotional wounds and then to sexual abuses. Such became a spiritual bondage that had to be broken. Thank God, she was set free though by the power of God! It takes the power of God to set us free from our miseries.

Here was another story. It was of a man whom I also ministered inner healing. He wondered because wherever he would go, gays would just attract to him. He’s a small fellow with less attractions, but his problem became a seeming uncontrollable dilemma, wherever he would live. Well, in order to also survive, he needed to buy the allures of money to support himself. He played around until he lost any sense of guilt, that it even gradually became his way of living.

In counseling you need to be honest to be helped. He opened up to how it started. He came from a broken home. He grew-up with his grandmother. His father left them. It was the reason why her mother re-married. In an early age, deprived from moral foundations, he started to experiment on sex. With his cousin he played to homosexuality. His story was quite unbelievable.

Parents thus need to watch their children. We prayed for the brother and led him to deliverance. Again thank God he was set free! How can we receive an inner healing? First, we should be willing. One cannot receive inner healing unless he is personally willing. You can’t give your pearls to the swine. Pigs do not know how to appreciate precious stones. All pigs want are to be able to cud.

Without any willingness a person may just be pushed to comply a thing. When you are forced to do something, your heart is not there. Inner healing involves the heart. In inner healing what is dealt is the heart. It takes courage to admit. When you hide you can’t be helped. Like to a physician who is dealing a patient, the latter will need to be honest to the former. He can’t play around else he can’t be cured. His cooperation may help his ailment to be dealt easier. God bless you. (to be continued.)