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Tuesday, 21 February 2017 13:01




LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil…” (Matthew 4:1, the Holy Bible).


THE IMPORTANCE OF BAPTISM FOR BELIEVERS: One important detail to remember on the baptism of Jesus was the fact that it took place before He started preaching. The accounts of the life of Jesus here on earth appearing in Matthew, Mark and Luke show that Jesus got baptized first before He embarked on His ministry. Baptism truly is very important in the life of a believer.


“WALK FOR LIFE” RALLY PART OF PLOT TO OUST DUTERTE? It is unfortunate that Catholics in the Philippines have timed their “Walk for Life” rally at the Luneta Park in Manila just days before February 25, 2017, a date which is known as the anniversary of a US-inspired movement to oust then President Marcos in 1986.

The rally on February 18, 2017 only seemed to confirm reports circulating much earlier that anti-Marcos forces, including the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines, are mobilizing their constituents in preparation of a big rally on February 25, 2017 to seek the ouster of President Rodrigo Duterte, through another so-called “people power revolution” which is called by them as “isalba ang bayan sa baliw.”

I can concede that Catholics may have valid grievances against the campaign against illegal drugs and what they are calling as extrajudicial killings under the Duterte government, but carrying out their rallies and other movements at or near the EDSA anniversary only taints their intentions and motivations as being mere parts of a bigger plot by Duterte’s critics and political opponents to kick him out!


FILIPINOS MUST THANK GINA LOPEZ: I am dismayed that President Duterte is branding as a “total mess” the orders of Environment Secretary Gina Lopez directing the closure and suspension of operations of many mining companies. While it maybe true that Gina’s orders may have the effect of depriving the government of some P70 billion in revenues, the real issue here is not economics.

The issue here is environmental destruction caused by greedy businessmen who have no qualms wrecking havoc to our country just so they could generate billions for themselves and their foreign masters. The issue here is death and destruction of our people and the localities where they live. Surely, there is no price tag for the health and well-being and safety of Filipinos.

All Filipinos are aware of the looming danger arising from the activities of these mining companies for quite some time now, but no one among the powerful and the rich dared to stand up to the might and affluence of the businessmen owning the offensive mining companies. The nation must thank Gina Lopez for taking up the cudgels for them in fighting environmental degradation.


THE TESTING OF JESUS FOLLOWED HIS BAPTISM: In Matthew, Mark and Luke, similar accounts of what took place after Jesus was baptized could be found, and they all point to the testing of Jesus by the devil before he started preaching. In Matthew 4, there is even a very detailed narration of what the devil did to entice Jesus away from what He was mandated to do here on earth.

The significant point in all these, however, is the fact that before Jesus faced the temptations that the devil put in His way, He had to be baptized by John the Baptist. This is proof of the importance of baptism among believers, even for those who had already been presented in purification temples when they were still babies. In our next issue on this, we will try to explain why baptism is necessary for all believers!


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