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Wednesday, 22 February 2017 11:14


BY Berlie G. Yap


“Oh sing to the LORD a new song;sing to the LORD, all the earth!Sing to the LORD, bless his name;tell of his salvation from day to day.Declare his glory among the nations,his marvelous works among all the peoples!For great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised;he is to be feared above fall gods.”(John 20:23, ESV)

Music is a language of the soul. It is a medium where everyone can understand, as something a common ground to every human being. I remember when the Meteor Showers TV series was aired in our country, we start to see change all over, especially amongst the youths. The songs of the series invadedthe Filipino youths, and they evencopied also to sing the program’s theme songs in Mandarin. The humor of it is,the youths sang their songs even without understanding them.

Indeed, the appeal of any good song goes beyond our intellectual quotient (IQ). It can penetrate deep downour souls. Music transcendsall peoples, races and cultures; that regardless the color of one’s skin, gender, custom and nationality—songs breaks boundaries. Songs convey messages that even youdon’t literally understand it,yet it gives you the real sense—such as an understanding in the level of your soul.

Thus, experts know how to utilize music as an effective medium to reach a group, peoples, country or even a generation, simply because of themessage it carries and its capacity to persuade its listeners. Songs can communicate to peopleeven without any hard attempts to convince them. When any song is played, whether the people understand or not, they are definitely reached.

Melody is the other important ingredient to any song or music. Besides of its lyrics, the notes comprising the song are also equally important. This makes such song or music unique, thus it is an art.Men, since the dawn of time, sing. The ancient used them to relate stories to their young,like in their religious rituals. Now as generations evolved, music has become more creative, and it varies as depending to certain customs and traditions.

Music is powerful. It conditions our minds and can even induce a new personality to any audience. People in political revolutions understand this truth. In any change to a country there is always a song, or a particular music which backs it up. Song communicates to our subconscious being,such that no any lecture or intellectual persuasions can ever match. It transcends to ages, gender, nationality or religion.

Here’s a good example, the sub-culture of hip-hop. Once I saw on a TV documentary that amongst some Palestinians, who hate American policies, sing hip-hop songs in the West Bank or in Gaza Strip. Songs break any form of divide. It has the ability to bridge peoples and culture. Songs contain though ordinary words, but they trulycan touch lives.

Any song is an expression of one’s heart, where the composer of it reveals the inner recesses of his being. Songs are that effective, becausethey are not only superficial but they always carry an honest and true messages. It has the ability to break the coldness to its listeners. Candidly, how many times you also fell tears when you heard a favoriteor any theme song?

Do you know that most composers and singers do have a common admission, about their secrets, that when they render or sing their own songs, they do them with all of their hearts? Notice how Zsa Zsa Padilla sings, when she sings wesometimes can just feel that natural goose-bumps. Such is apretty phenomenon which is indeed undeniable by any person.

Can music cure? Music can definitely heal. I heard this story about a group of young dentists. Their usual advice to their clients when they may have toothaches, to listen to soothing songs. SM Malls, and also KCC,usually play praise songs in the morning. Why maybe? Your guess is good as mine, there is healing in music. Nice ain’t it?

I also read that most neurologists agree that wholesome songs is a therapy for seizures and epilepsy. They said that there is that part in the human brain,which responds positively to certain melodies.Youths attract to music as similar to ants with anything sweet or the sugar itself. My late elder brother had his complete collections of the Beatles in his early 20’s. He was an admittedBeatles’ fanatic. It was just ok for him if he could not take breakfasts and snacks just to be able to buy Beatles’ albums.

The truth does not change; maybe the style along varies now and then, but the attitude of the youth’s response to music remains the same. In fact, the baby boomers, they used to call before, are the senior citizens today. Albeit, new generations keep to be coming to display their choices, but the truth never change—music is powerful.

Do you remember the hippies of the 70’s their careless and simple lifestyles? Many of those are now the leaders of the world. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair and former US President Bill Clinton admitted that they fanatically followed the Beatles and also had long hairs. Hence, find your own songs which you love. But my advice, follow that which can help you draw closer to the Lord.

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