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Friday, 29 October 2010 14:23

As far as my memory tells me, I cannot remember of any moment in time when we were able to witness the conduct of a clean, honest and peaceful election.

On the contrary, the situation has gone from bad to worst since the time we started electing our government officials. Political killings and vendettas has greatly multiplied. Ballot snatchings have increased ten-fold. Vote-buying has become rampant and common fare in almost all areas and the amount to do it has greatly increased. Terrorism has become a common practice to coerce and threaten voters to elect a particular candidate. Public school teachers manning poll precints have become willing tools and partners of unscrupulous candidates who greased them with money taken from polluted sources to assure their victory.

What makes this situation even worst is the role being played by our Commission on Elections (Comelec), the constitutional body mandated by law to conduct and supervise elections for more than half a century now. It has miserably failed to perform its mandated task as what every citizen dreams of: clean, honest and free elections. It has continually committed dozens and dozens of unwarranted and unexplainable booboos which are the main causes of all the troubles, chaos and confusions that ensue before and after elections.

One could not imagine why the Comelec, despite its resources and personnel, has continually failed and cannot improve in performing a simple task of delivering election materials like ballots and ballot boxes, ink, and ball pens on time to designated polling areas in the country. They always come late for reasons we cannot understand. Up to now it has failed and cannot purge and come out with a clean and unquestionable list of qualified voters despite having the luxury of time to do it. Why can't Comelec do this during off-election periods?

Unless our Comelec shapes up and put its acts together in performing their mandated tasks, we can never be able to elect candidates who are truly the choice of the majority. Just look at the clowns and puppets in the Senate, the Congress and our City Council and weep.

With this type of elected officials running the affairs of our country, provinces, cities and municipalities, forget about our dreams of progress and development. No priority, no direction and no serious concern for the welfare of the greater number of the people. Their personal interest and ambitions come first.

LOCAL ELECTION SIDE STORIES. Approximately one-third of the incumbent barangay captains and kagawads who lost in the recent election were, according to them, stunned and never knew what hit them.

They don't realized it but they have it coming. After having been extended for a longer term, they became drunk with power and have enriched themselves with questionable barangay deals and transactions totally forgetting their main task of serving their constituents.

Others became untouchables, cocky and acted as kings of their barangays and publicly boasting that they cannot be defeated.

Well, their respective constituents have spoken and hopefully these disgraced and humiliated local officials, swept out of their seats, will be able to accept their defeats and humiliation gracefully and use it as impetus to renew their flawed characters and attitudes towards their fellowmen and eventually use them as stepping stones for another successful political redux.

PONDER THIS: The single hand that wipes your tears away during the times when you failed is much better than the countless number of hands that come together to clap for you when you succeed.

By Roslan Baha

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