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Saturday, 25 February 2017 13:25


BY Jack Edward Enriquez


Yes, it’s appropriate to bestow recognition to exemplary achievements or super good deeds purposely to inspire others to imitate or follow those great footsteps. Though many of us feel elated when praised or flattered for what has been done or accomplished.

Yet humble achievers don’t need kudos, accolade or fanfare; instead, they prefer anonymity or simply crossing the limelight incognito. Most great achievers don’t celebrate with revelries on their successes nor do they sleep on their laurels.

On February 26,1937 President Manuel L. Quezon signed the law that turned this little town in the southern tip of Mindanao into a Chartered City of Zamboanga.

On the last Sunday of this month the Zamboangueno and the rest of them residing in this fabulous city of flowers will be celebrating the 80th Dia de Zamboanga with all jubilations and fanfares known as the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival. City officials led by Mayor Beng Climaco- Salazar are exerting all efforts to make the celebration the most meaningful and memorable one this year.

Aside from the cultural and historical aspects, it was the unique Chavacano language that led to the official proclamation of Zamboanga as Asia’s Latin City by Mayor Celso L. Lobregat.

As we celebrate this anniversary every year, we also celebrate many other anniversaries linked to our personal life. The most common of which is our birthday, wedding anniversary, our professional or career, etc. most often then not, the celebration would be a sumptuous dinner with overflowing drinks, singing, dancing, etc. the party usually ended up with everybody drunk, sleepy and others unruly. Yet the celebration was meaningless.

Lucidly in your reminiscence, you mulcted 10 percent commission from the private contractor, hence the project turned substandard and defective. You allowed the entry of smuggled rice and sugar in the finger wharf for a share. You did nor report the illegal quarrying in your barangay because they’re your friends. You evaded payment of market fee as a vendor to have much money for your drinks and vices. You dumped you garbage in the drainage canal that clogged during rains. You don’t clean your surroundings that became breeding place of mosquitoes carrying the dengue disease, etc. these are only few of examples so that you don’t deserve to celebrate the city’s anniversary. As if you love your city, but in truth, you’re a part of the conspiracy to destroy it. Shame on you!

As we celebrate the anniversary of our beloved city this year, we should make reflections by asking ourselves—what have I done to obstruct or hamper the progress of my city? What have I failed to do to hasten the progress of my city? And so I am determined to make up for my failures or shortcomings in order to propel my city to prosperity in due time.

Public officials and ordinary citizens, all of us in general, should celebrate Dia de Zamboanga, not only through festival and reveries, but by making reflections on what had transpired in the past year and commit ourselves to make up for all the failures. Then, we can proudly say: Happy anniversary, beloved Zamboanga!

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