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Monday, 27 February 2017 12:03


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

According to media reports, an elementary pupils was killed by his own classmate after a squabble over boyhood matters. Another news, a teacher was stabbed to death by his student. Young as 9 years old were reportedly in petty and most of them were placed in centers for children in conflict with the law. Stray children are begging in the streets at times, they would casts stones on vehicles when people won’t give them anything some of them would turn to snatching or pick pocketing to make easy money. While others are used as drug carriers and lured to pornography or prostitutions.

Based on research, most of the children came from broken homes and families or troubled homes were parents are always quarreling. Some minors left their crowded homes were foods are scanty due to poverty. Others came from troubled communities were children are dying of hunger or being caught in the cross fires.

Survey record showed that it’s common among couples to enjoy sex without thinking of the increasing number of children or the unbridled birth spacing and the bad effects that may bring about on the family. In other situation, lovers would jump into bed to satiate the pleasures of love without thinking of what may be the consequences or the responsibility that follows.

Pregnant mothers should keep a healthy fetus to their wombs to avoid deformed or sickly babies. Upon birth responsible mother don’t leave their babies in the hospital for good or in public toilet or in garbage to be devoured by the hungry dogs.

On the other hands, responsible fathers do provide their families with nutritious foods and all the necessities in life while the mothers rear their children with utmost care, guiding them within the scope of moral values and discipline. Remarkable parents see to it that their sons and daughters would acquire, at least, complete basic education enough to get a stable, decent job to live a fruitful life.

According to a famous psychologist, pleasures in bed entail crucial responsibilities that can influence the course of living or the outcome of whatever dreams and ambition there might be in life.

When you hear a new borne baby cries, what comes to your mind? Is it a new scalawags or a corrupt rascal or a bandit terrorist was borne?

Perhaps, a new noble hero or the best president that our country ever had is now in the making.

Now, take a look at those children begging in the streets, who are involved in illegal drugs, annoying people and the authorities. Also, some students who are ill-mannered, spoiled brat and unruly in the streets. Are you the ones concerned to be blamed because you are irresponsible parents or the young lovers in bed who don’t care about this world?

The true meaning of Valentine’s Day is trampled upon by irresponsible lovers.

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