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Monday, 27 February 2017 12:04


BY Berlie G. Yap


“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (1 Thess. 5:18, ESV)

To stay high can be implying different things, but I want to pound today the attitude of thankfulness. The Lord commanded that we ought to be thankful in any given situation, whether blessed or tried, our choices should always be gratefulness. By being such, we are doing ourselves a notable favor. There are only a handful of people nowadays, who know to be thankful all the time. It seems that whining, or even blaming others, is the easiest way to do.

How about to step out and to become different? It is just alright to be pretty unpopular—because you are not the same with others, so long as your peculiarity is first of all an actual edification for your growth and, most importantly, it glorifies the Lord. With regards to thanksgiving, it can effectively serve your spiritual growth and progress, then it also glorifies God.

Nobody can put down a grateful person. Others may try to belittle him, but he never can be trampled. Gratitude is also the manifestation of humility. Thus, when a person is grateful, he sure is humble and vice versa. On the other hand, a proud man is also unthankful. Men and women in the Bible were grateful folks, especially in the Gospel stories. Simply because the very one who taught them is the Lord Himself.

Once, thousands of people were following Jesus. They were willing to stay with Him on extended hours, so much so that they already reached to as many as three days and three nights without food. Thus, on the final day, the Lord would have to intervene to help the weary and hungry people. A boy handed Jesus his fresh lunch. Such the Lord used to feed the 5k men. How did he do it?

The Holy Scripture said that Jesus just lifted His eyes and began to thank the Father. Then, the miracle took place soon. The simple lunch of a boy—five loaves and two fishes, multiplied to satisfy the hungry people. Needless for me to illustrate more that miracles do always tail any grateful person. Let’s stay to be thankful friends, by doing so we cannot be discouraged or be down in life.

Trials may come now and then, but in our right attitude, we easily can wade them. We even can turn them around as an actual blessing in disguise. Gratitude are like stones around to help us find a good trail on dark moments. When storms are creating an unnecessary discomfort against your life, you ought to be very careful then on how you behave, because yielding to fear and doubts can be detrimental to you.

Notwithstanding when we pick to all time thankful, and to remember God’s goodness, then we can use them as actual weapons to fight our storms. Again, nobody can defeat a grateful person. He wins always. I just remember Helen. She is now in Cagayan de Oro, because of her internship program. She was due to fly to Manila on a following day.

Due probably to the particular weather on that day, she overslept. When she woke up, she was something jolted out from her bed because she would have to travel long to Laguindingin airport. Now, she was all set, but sure the time was pretty against her. She crossed her fingers and prayed much for a miracle that she could not be left by the plane.

To make matters worse, the cab driver teased her along, that she could make it. But the young lady insisted that she could still be on time. According to her, all she did was to mumble words of thanks to the Father that everything would work for her favors. To make the long story short, indeed she got the necessary miracles! She was the last passenger to step the plane.

That flight was critically important for her. She needed to join the rest of the family for their dad who was turning 60 years old on that day. Sure she gasped much and was in heavy pressures, but she insisted to be grateful. Her trust paid off, in 90 minutes she was already in Manila to be rejoined with their family. She posted in her FB account that God is VERY good. Be grateful friend every day.

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