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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 13:01


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

No more peace talks with the CPP, NPA and NDF.

This was the pronouncement of President Rodrigo Duterte after he got so disappointed and disgusted over the atrocities committed by the leftist combatants here while the peace negotiation is going on in a foreign land. The latest incident took place in Malaybalay, Bukidnon,where three soldiers were treacherously shot to death. A number of military personnel were also reportedly killed by the communist rebels in separate incidents.

Top government officials and recognized leaders of the communist Party of the Philippines. New People’s Army and the National Democratic Front have been exerting all efforts, doing everything to put a stop on the age old armed conflict and finally to restore peace on the Filipino nation.

Cessation of hostilities or temporary ceasefire has been declared by both the government panel and the leftist rebels on the ground. The common masses especially those in trouble areas are tying to imagine the ray of hope flickering through the dark cloud that one day they would see a bright horizon, the light of peace.

However, the itchy fingers on the trigger of the guns seem to be the most common obstacle in the quest for peace. The urge to injure or to cause harm on others especially those guilty of previous offenses as in reprisal or the mere thrill in seeing others grueling in pain physically or mentally reflect a culture of violence. Those people are the antagonists of peace.

Enraged with emotions, the Chief Executive called the leftists as spoiled brat or terrorists. He directed the military to prepare for an all-out war against them. Consequently, peace remains as large and elusive. At the moment out of reach, too far from the hands of the peacemakers and the true advocates.

What have been started, it cannot be denied, all would just be in vain. Aside from the funds, time and efforts spent, the hope longing and dreams of the common people in much-troubled towns and villages would remain glimmering in the dark.

The mixture of many bloods and races, different cultures and the traumatic events in our history had evolved through the years into a unique culture of violence which is evidently prevailing today.

Peace talk is a delicate and fragile matter that is too risky to handle. It should be handled with extra care and sincerity. A streak of deception or recklessness may ruin the whole plan to attain lasting, genuine peace.

According to a famous writer, if you want peace, you should be ready for the unexpected because the road to peace is too rough and perilous. Peace means happiness and contentment which is the fruit of blood, tears and bearable sacrifices.

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