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Thursday, 02 March 2017 11:22


BY Berlie G. Yap

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen…And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.”(Heb. 11:1-6, ESV)

It pays to trust the Lord! God is faithful! He doesn’t leave those who rely to Him, in an open shame. God helps, so that when we come to Him in humility, He also lifts us up and answers the cry of our hearts. Thus, we ought to always know that the sole answer of all of our worries and needs is God alone. In fact, we needless to anymore contemplate other ways, because Jesus is the ONLY way.

The next thing which happens, after we approach God, is the subsequentASSURANCE that God will surely soak in our hearts. Such is the indescribable peace in our souls, which has the ability to still any ranging doubts in our minds. This is the same hope which St. Paul scribbled in Hebrews 11—FAITH. Faith is God’s assurance inside our hearts; it is that same tangible hope, which you and I can boldly embrace, so that wecan see forward for the actual realization of our prayers.

Every physical answer, of any prayers, happens first in the spirit realm, before it can manifest in the natural. It is in this same stage where such assurance can be felt then by the faithful, who trusted the Lord. So between the spiritual manifestations—of the Lord’s answer, to its literal and full fruition, is the thrill in the process. It isin this particular span where we candidly engagein a personal countdown,until what we have is to touch the reality of God’s answers.

Elizabeth and Zechariah prayed for a child.Albeit, to no avail, after many years, they already became old and stopped to expectthat they could have a baby. But one morning, Zechariah was surprised by an angel, inside the temple. There was that special news which the latter gave him. The angel claimed that he was sent by God to tell Zechariah that his wife, Elisabeth, would bear a child nine months after that day.

The man could not believe to what he heard, and also to what he saw. He reasoned before the angel that he was already too old to produce a baby. So to prove that his words are true, the angel turned Zechariah to beMUTE. The thing was, he would remain to be that way, until his wife would deliver then their baby.

Just imagine how the subsequent scenarios, to the husband and wife, were; Elisabeth could be feeling now that new life which started to contract inside her womb. By a miracle, an old womanbecame pregnant. Then to add to the existing suspense, Zechariah did also become temporarily mute. Thus, they had all the necessary explanations to their friends and relatives, if what was happening then.

Within nine months, the couple was counting their days. Every day was a perfect thrill, as Elisabeth’s delivery was drawing near. Then their awaited moment arrived. Elisabeth gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Zechariah named him John. Soon as he was able to finish to scribble in a paper, when he was requested if what would be the name of the boy, the Lord did also open his mouth back.

Now in those nine months, therecould be those real struggles also, so that the couple would have to totally rely to the Lord. It ain’t easy for any old woman to be pregnant. The possible risks were there. But again, their complete faith to the almighty paid off then. God was faithful to his promise. John was born very healthy. God’s strength and blessings were with him, in the entire conception of his mother to him.

Relatively, such is how God may alsodeal us in many ways. Hence, we must not give up in any little hardship which we can encounter, along the journey. Instead of we suffer the pain, let us enjoy the undeniable countdown that surely God’s promised blessings will come to pass, or be born, in their due time.

God has always His perfect timing. Our job is to wait for them. We ought not to be impatient along. Nor we are to complain; remember, the generation of Moses could not enter to the promise land because of their simple murmurings. They never believed that God was well able to fulfill His promises. Thus, God was grieved to them. Keep the faith friend. Enjoy God’s grace. Count His blessings along, in every curve you pass.

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