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LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…  The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning…” (1 John 3:8, the Holy Bible).


AS TIME FLIES FAST, DO WE KNOW WHY WE WERE BORN? Can you believe it is already the third month of 2017, January and February having already lapsed into oblivion, beyond recovery? As things stand, there are only 300 or so days left before Christmas 2017! Indeed, Christmas 2017 time is just around the corner.

Before we know it, Christmas carols would start being played on air once again, and New Year 2018 will not be far behind. It is, truly, a case of “sunrise, sunset” for all of us, with time moving on unnoticeably and yet inexorably, making us old and aged and infirm, without us even knowing it.

What is the point in life? Why are men born? Are they destined to simply grow up, grow old, and then be gone forever? To those who have not grasped the answers yet, it is a pity, because there is much more to life than simply living, there is much more to growing up than simply growing old and infirm. There is a reason why we are all here.


MANY LIVE A DELIBERATE LIE: According to a book that was written by some 40 or so men, in different languages and in different places and times, and in a span of around 1,500 years, there is only one whole duty of men, and it is to fear God and to obey His commands.

Unfortunately, however, many do not even know that they have this kind of a duty, and so they go about life carelessly, pursuing dreams and ambitions totally irrelevant to their final destiny, which is eternal life away from earth, away from the human body that they have been accustomed to all their (human) lives.

Many live with a deliberate lie—denying God and their ultimate rendezvous with Him at the end of time. By the time they come to know this truth—that there is a God who is not only loving but just and truly fair in His end-time judgments—it would be too late for them, their eternal damnation having been affirmed by them by their own thoughts, speech, and acts.


PLOTTING VS. DUTERTE DID LP SENATORS IN: The truth must be told about the ouster of Liberal Party senators from their chairmanship of various committees in the Senate on February 27, 2017. That was a collective decision of their colleagues, and not just of Sen. Manny Pacquiao. The majority senators who decided to kick out the LP senators from their privileged posts decided it was time to draw the line.

After all, the senators allied with President Duterte have been accurate in their perception that the legislative agenda of the first Philippine president from Mindanao is being stymied by the dilly-dallying, if not outright obstructionist moves, of senators who have been pretending to be pro-Duterte too but who, in reality, wanted Duterte to fail, at the very least.

And no, it was not just because of their presence at the 31st EDSA power grab commemoration on February 25, 2017 that triggered their ouster, as LP Sen. Bam Aquino tried to project irresponsibly. It was because of their double-dealing—of pretending to be supporters of the Duterte government while they have been actively plotting its ignominious downfall all along—that did them in.


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