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Friday, 03 March 2017 11:19



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Don’t be afraid of suffering for the Lord. Work at telling others the Good News, and fully carry out the ministry God has given you…” (2 Timothy 4:5, the Holy Bible, New Living Translation).


DEATH PENALTY IS BIBLICAL: The single biggest argument in favor of the death penalty is this: God also saw it fit to impose death on sinners and blasphemers, both in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Yes, the death penalty is an accepted punishment, even from the Biblical point of view.

Unfortunately, no one has ever approximated or come near the truth and justness and fairness of God among men. By and large, man is unjust, unfair, and is totally imperfect, and could not be relied upon to judge fairly and accurately their fellow human beings. Allowing an unjust, unfair, and totally imperfect man to impose the death penalty on others is therefore totally dangerous.

Especially in a legal and judicial system that is perceived as highly fluid and grossly and routinely capable of being swayed by money, power, and influence. I suggest that our lawmakers must first aspire to craft a law that would make each and every Filipino righteous, upright, and fearing and loving God, before any death penalty is even considered.


CAN BIBLE-BELIEVING PETER LAVINIA DEMAND BRIBES? Did President Duterte fire his May 2016 election campaign spokesman Peter Tiu Lavina as chief of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA), or did Lavina resign? Whatever, I believe this is no longer the question. The question is due process, or the opportunity to defend one’s self, one’s integrity, in the face of private accusations that found their way into the ears of the President.

I don’t know Lavina, I don’t know Duterte, and I sure don’t know the NIA directors or officials who allegedly complained to the President that Lavina had been asking for a commission of forty percent from water projects that his agency had completed in the countryside.

But elementary rules of fairness demanded that Duterte should have given Lavina the opportunity to explain his side first before references to the accusations against him were made to media, in a manner that betrayed the President’s acceptance of the one-sided information that were given to him. Can a devout Christian, who pursued Bible studies and prayer sessions in Malacanang since Duterte assumed power, truly demand bribes?


PARIS CLIMATE PACT USELESS EVEN WITH DUTERTE’S SIGNATURE: I say this again, with due respect to President Duterte and to those who lobbied for his signature on the Paris Climate Change Pact—or an international agreement whereby countries vowed to reduce carbon emissions in their respective localities by as much as 70%—which he earlier rejected as being unfair to developing countries: that pact is useless.

The experience of the whole world, for as long as I can remember and research on, in fighting global warming and climate change is absolute failure. Despite the regular conventions, dialogues, meetings, summits, and conferences, and despite trillions of dollars already being spent in an effort to arrest this environmental illness, nothing good ever came out of them.

This is because of a very simple reason: all these efforts and expenditures did not consider the spiritual and Biblical angle of global warming and climate change. The Bible is clear: global warming and climate change, and their deadly and destructive effects, will wreck havoc among mankind, because man no longer listens to, and no longer obeys, God!


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