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Sunday, 05 March 2017 14:49


BY Berlie G. Yap

After our exam last Thursday, I went home felt sucked dry physically. I thought that I contracted flu or fevers because my feeling was I was sick. However, when I lay down to sleep, at around 11 in the evening, I could not feel any increase of my body temperature. Somehow, I was very normal though. Thus, my mind was telling me that I was just stressed-out, well.

Often, when you want to beat time by working harder, you can’t avoid hitting your walls sometimes. But the feeling is a fulfillment and irreplaceable, because you have been diligent and you didn’t waste your God-given gift of time. If one desires increase in life, he must be industrious and hard-working.

Hard-working people are tireless; they continue to push their limits every time. For them, to pay the price of blessings is worth it despite of the exhaustions. The generation of the Japanese people after the war helped so much to pave the way for their breakthroughs in the 60’s up to today. They also have developed the value of hard-work without complaining.

Japanese are after more to the quality of their outputs than the strength they spent for them in the process. They understand very much that to cause an economic boost, the people must be willing to work tirelessly. We could hear stories that the Japanese people prefer to finish their jobs before taking a lunch.

Up north, the Ilocanos have also a relative life’s values. They don’t take siestas or naps during the daytime. Their philosophy is if they would sleep at noontime, God can be offended. They explain that the daytime is given by God for man to work, while the nighttime for sleep. Thus, you rarely can see Ilocanos hard-up or without a garden in their backyard.

It takes discipline to increase in life. Laziness is the number one reason why a man can’t climb in the ladder of his dreams. As they say, one should know to callous his palms or flex his legs to become somebody in the future. Mediocrity is a limbo that must be overcome by any dreamer to reach his real plains.

After diligence, the next invention one should know is creativity or innovation. It is the ability to turn simple things to be exceptional. Henry Sy started SM Malls by selling US made shoes in the Philippines after the WWII. Little by little he pushed the limits and later on he was able then to establish his conglomerate.

One thing more, nothing in this world becomes big overnight. Greatness is a result of constant dedication overtime. The issue is constancy, or it is tenacity. When the going gets tough, the tough must get going! Not every day is a good day,a convenient day or an easy one. There are times one will have to face storms head-on.

The good side of it is that the same storm can help define a man’s character. Why? The fearful runs but the winner stays to overcome his obstacles. There is an elite club in the world today where only the successful and the great belong to—it is the hallowed ground of endurance. Hence, if you are bruised today due to your circumstances, rejoice because you are only paying the price of your sure blessings ahead.

Peter was to get his miracle. He was enjoined by the Lord to catch a fish, for out of his first catch would be a golden coin in its mouth to pay his and the Lord’s taxes to the Romans. Without adieu, the apostle ran to follow Jesus’ directions. Indeed, there was his first catch, and exactly at the mouth of the fish was a golden coin.

It was a creative miracle! However, Peter must take his efforts before he could get his breakthrough. In fact, everyone in the Bible, when called by God to the ministry, was found by Him doing something. Gideon was threshing his family’s wheat when the angel of the Lord appeared to him. Gideon was a deliverer to his people.

Likewise, when the Lord will come to bless us, He wants to find us doing something and not indolent. Industrious people are not very hard to be guided, because they already partly know the way. Like an olive oil, it is so precious and expensive. But do you know that every ounce of it is a result of a pressure? The olive fruit is squeezed so much, to produce its priceless oil.

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might; for there is no activity or planning or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol where you are going.” (Eccles. 9:10, NIV) God bless you.