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Thursday, 09 March 2017 11:50


BY Berlie G. Yap

“For EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted.” (Eccles. 3:1-2, ESV)

We ought to accept the fact, that there is a time to everything. Often, we push our will because we wanted always our plans to happen all the time, but the truth is there are really moments that ain’t yet our time. Thus, the best way we can do, when our season is still not ripe, is to retreat and wait for its full fruition—of our expectations and desires.

Patience is a virtue, he who has it is an actual champion and an exceptional man. But know also that impatient people are constant losers. They as well cannot reach their desires and ambitions. Remember, it will always be sweeter to eat a ripe mango, than to pick it while it is still green. So, aspire to pursue, each time, the perfect timing of your endeavors.

Joseph, in the book of Genesis, is always an inspiration every time we talk about patience and perfect timing. At the age of 17, early as that, he already had heavenly visions of his upcoming greatness in the future. But in his youth, he still needed to wait for the due time to come. My lawyer friends call such fact as INCHOATE.

The divine promise was yet a mere hope or expectancy. Hence, the man would have to go through the necessary process of God’s molding, of his character. According to Ralph Mahoney—of World M.A.P. Ministry, Joseph was potted, pitted and putted. His brothers envied him; so they sold him to slavery. And to escape liability, the former concocted lies to their old man that Joseph was allegedly eaten by a wild beast, as to justify his abrupt loss.

Joseph was bought by Midianite merchants, and later they sold him to an Egyptian captain, whose name was Potiphar. For a while, Joseph served Potiphar—in total loyalty and faithfulness. But Potiphar’s wife had evil intentions against him. Mrs. Potiphar allured the young Joseph to sleep with her, which the latter vehemently refused. He said that he could not betray his good master. Thus, the angry Mrs. Potiphar twisted the story that it was Joseph who wanted to rape her.

Such ended Joseph to the royal prison in no time. Inside the dark dungeon, the young man would have to stay at least 12 years lonely, denied, and maybe feeling forsaken. Notwithstanding, God had the chance to work in his life—as to prepare him for his higher calling. Inside the royal prison he learnt science, math, ethics and etc. Probably, he acquired those from his fellow prisoners.

But most of all, he learnt submission and humility. These two extremely golden character were the very ones which God waited to fully mature to the life of young Joseph. The Lord Jesus said that much is given, much is also required. The principle of accountability is the heavy responsibility which Joseph must be prepared perfectly, for his future calling.

There was also an almost open opportunity, which came across him. He was able to help the royal cup-bearer of Pharaoh. He thought that the latter might not forget him. He even pleaded not to remember him, when he could be restored back to his position. Indeed, the man’s lost job was given to him again, but to remember Joseph, he surely did forget.

Definitely, the man was totally devastated. He could have felt that it was already his supposed and long-awaited freedom, but it again soon evaded him. Joseph waited for two more years. Then one unexpected morning came. He was awakened by Pharaoh’s personal guards. He was asked to take his bath, to shave and to change new clothes which were provided by the palace itself, because the Egyptian Ruler was eager to meet him.

The job of Joseph was to give Pharaoh the interpretation of his two enigmatic dreams. So the two men met, as destined by the almighty Himself. Little did Joseph know that such moment was already his BREAK—the very thing he waited for years. Short of saying, his perfect time had now arrived.

Joseph suavely interpreted the dream of Pharaoh. The latter was so impressed that he, without adieu, promoted Joseph to be the second in command, after him in the mighty nation of Egypt. Overnight Joseph “The Dreamer” became the Prime Minister in the most powerful country of the ancient world. Before his very own eyes, his earlier dreams came to pass literally. Absolutely, God made the way!

Friends, we too have our own perfect time. We must know how to wait for it. But at the moment, we need to prepare, submit ourselves to the pliable hand of the Father—to melt and mold us. God does always know what is best for us. God is omniscient. In fact, He already prepared people along our way, as our needed connections and necessary agents, to catapult us to our God ordained destiny.

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