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Tuesday, 14 March 2017 14:13




LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Therefore I want the men everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing…” (1 Timothy 2:8, the Holy Bible).


EXCITEMENT IN THE NRMC MARCH 25, 2017 HOMECOMING: In a few days from now, those who graduated between 1950 to 1998 from the Dr. Nicanor Reyes Memorial Colleges High School Department in Paniqui, Tarlac will be having their first-ever grand alumni homecoming.

The homecoming is scheduled on March 25, 2017, Saturday, with day-long parade and other activities, including a medical-dental mission by Class 1973 at the Amor Village, a home for mentally-handicapped children, and is to be capped with a “fellowship night” on that day at the Plazuela of Barangay Estacion.

I am a grateful graduate of that institution’s high school department in 1973, and it would be an understatement for me to say, “I am looking forward to that event”. In reality, I am greatly excited to be in that affair, God willing, and it is not only because I am going to see long-lost friends and classmates once again, after long years of not having seen them.

It is more because of the fact that almost all of us who finished our secondary courses in NRMC in 1973 are now senior citizens who have either retired from work, whether in the government or in the private sectors, or are in the process of winding up their lifelong employments in time for retirement.


HIGH SCHOOL CRUSHES AND PUPPY LOVES IN THE 70s: HOW DO THEY LOOK NOW? Indeed, I am very eager to see who among us experienced the kindness—and, yes, the brutality—of the years that passed all of us by, almost unnoticeably.

I am sure everybody will be eagle-eyed, not in looking into the academic or business achievements of their school mates, but in determining who of the graduates now sport silvery-white hairs, or bulging tummies (as I do), or faces creased by wrinkles (as I also do), or who miraculously managed to retain somehow their youthful beauty and handsome looks.

The point of interest, particularly to many whose juvenile hearts learned how to beat pitter-patter at the mere sight of high school crushes and puppy loves during those halcyon times, would be how the girls or the boys that made them swoon and dream dreams, or kindled in them desires previously unknown, have aged, and how they would now look at this point in time.


OVERCOMING THE ODDS AGAINST HIGH SCHOOL HOMECOMING: Even now, some of the members of NRMC High School Class 1973 who have tried their luck and carved out successful lives in far-away places in other countries have already arrived to attend the homecoming. Class 73 President Dr. Rowena Abubo Bautista reported that those who are now in Tarlac for the homecoming are Dolores Sioco, Mayumi Castro, Elenita Gaculais, Eden Alomia, and Layda Rebuyaco, from the US and Australia.

Class Vice President Edgar Guiang told me that these “balikbayans” from Class 1973, and the others who would still be arriving soon, would be treated to a welcome dinner on March 24, 2017, at the mansion of Dr. Bautista and her husband, noted surgeon Dr. Jesse Bautista, at the Lacayanga Subdivision, also in Paniqui, Tarlac.

I guess all high school graduates of NRMC would have to thank retired Police Col. Joe Mina—the interim president of the high school alumni association—for his persistence in carrying out the homecoming. I am aware of the obstacles thrown his way by other alumni who virtually sabotaged the forthcoming affair, but it is a credit to Mina and his team—whose names I cannot list here now—that the homecoming is pushing through just the same. Thank God in the Name of Jesus!


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