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Sunday, 19 March 2017 15:48



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Your rulers are rebels, partners with thieves; they all love bribes and chase after gifts…” (Isaiah 1:23, the Holy Bible).


IMPEACHMENT & ROBREDO’S UN MESSAGE, PART OF A SINISTER PLAN VS. DUTERTE: Impeaching President Duterte is an impossible mission at the moment, and Magdalo Party List Rep. Gary Alejano knew that. He was after all trained to always be discerning during his student days at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) where he graduated in 1995. So, why did he do it—file the impeachment complaint, that is—against the incumbent President?

Clearly, Alejano and Magdalo (whose founder is coup leader Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV) filed the complaint as part of a sinister and dark movement—which is to oust Duterte from power—obviously cooked up by Filipinos, civilians and military, who are used to rebelling and rising up against duly-constituted authorities to attain their selfish ends and purposes.

In fact, it was not coincidental that as Alejano and Magdalo were filing their complaint against the President, Liberal Party Vice President Maria Leonora Robredo on the other hand was sending a video footage to the United Nations Commission on Drugs in Geneva, Switzerland, attacking Duterte on his fierce campaign against illegal drugs in the country. Their motives were all the same—to please foreign masters who are pulling their strings!


MANEUVERS TO OUST DUTERTE BRING CURSES TO RP: These maneuvers to remove Duterte from power are curses against the Filipino nation, destined to bring more hardships and difficult lives to many if not all of our unfortunate countrymen.

The experience of the Philippines in the hands of rebels and power-grabbers will confirm that while we all got plunged into immeasurable economic woes after they were installed as our new leaders, they, the rebels and power-grabbers and their own cronies and political allies, irretrievably and unstoppably became richer and richer.

What was worse was that in all their official actions, these power-grabbers managed to mislead us that they were acting with the interest of the country in their hearts, even if in reality they were already plundering the nation of its wealth and resources. Remember testimonies given to US courts about how a box of gold found in Malacanang in 1986 and which was turned over to the woman leader of the rebels could no longer be found now?


REBELS AGAINST DUTERTE THINK FILIPINOS ARE STUPID: The thinking among these rebels and power-grabbers is that, Filipinos are gullible and could easily be made to believe their yarn of nationalism and patriotism. But they are in for a big surprise at this point in our country’s history, since our people are now more wary of fake nationalists and patriots, and of maneuvers aimed only at personal benefits and aggrandizement.

If they managed to fool the people in 1986 and in 2001 by toying with claims about national unity and democracy, that is no longer going to happen in 2017 and beyond. Filipinos now have the social media to turn to, to unmask and expose the fake nationalists and patriots, and to keep them abreast of what truly is going on in the country at any given time.

Filipinos now have the capacity to know who are behind the attacks against Duterte and their real motivations for their actions. Filipinos now know that those who were corrupt and plunderous while they were the ones in power are behind all these moves against Duterte, either to topple him for good, or to simply prevent him from prosecuting and jailing them during his term.


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