The Strength to Detach PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 March 2017 13:45


BY Berlie G. Yap

It is a human tendency to feel hurt when closer people leave you because of some reasons, whether legitimate or illegitimate, when in the process you already have developed that seeming unbreakable bonds overtime. But you have no choice but to let go, for both you and them have to also grow in life.

Again, one is needless to be reminded that it is part of our development to be bruised and go through pains. Our mothers passed the thin line when they labored our coming into the world; there was the circumcision for the boys and the ear-piercing for the girls, the laborious studies to become better individuals in the future, and etc.

The litany is endless, if one wants to survive in this world in total convenience, forget about it! He should forsake such philosophy because the actual reality is the naked irony of it. We have to be tough to stay in the game, called life, or give in to stay forever as losers. God did not create us as wishy-washy people, but as champions—who don’t give-up yet survive all the odds we pass.

I’ve a friend who counseled us once when we felt the pinches of pain, as we had to let go some of our classmates who decided to pursue another path, than to finish the four years in our college. He politely said that we are to learn the art of detaching, because everything in this side of eternity is temporary.

That made sense to me. Nothing is permanent in this world. All are fleeting like a wind which anytime changes direction, and each time one also cannot know where it comes from or where it goes to. These are simple truths which we often do not realize. Anyways, things we experience in this world are our best teachers, in fact, better than any classroom.

Isaac could not get over the death of his mom, because he was a mother’s boy. But he was already 40 years old, and his dad, Abraham, was worried, why his son had not yet found a wife. Perhaps the former was all content of his mother’s presence, in his life as his only woman. He could have felt a “forever” sense onto their mother-son relationship, until the unthinkable happened.

Because of old age, Sarah died. It broke the heart of Isaac, now his dad must orchestrate a situation to help him overcome his ordeal. Thus, Abraham commanded his chief servant to scout a bride for his son. He mandated him to find for the grieving son his would be antidote of his pains which he was presently suffering—the sickness of sorrow.

The servant obeyed what he was enjoined to do. In a far place, to an ancient city called Ur, he found a beautiful young lady, by the name of Rebekah. She was incomparable in beauty, exceptional in character, and a strong woman. It didn’t take much longer for the servant to convince Rebekah’s family to let her go to become a bride to a stranger whom they haven’t seen, not once, except Abraham, his great father and a relative to Rebekah’s family.

So the travel started, it was tedious to trek the hundreds of miles of sand dunes in the ancient world. But sure, they arrived in Canaan. Isaac was still in his sorrows, staying in the usual field where his mom taught him everything. Then suddenly, at the horizon, a visible caravan was approaching their territory.

In a glimmer vision he saw a woman on a camel’s back. Mesmerized of the new sight, he ran to meet them. The more he was enthralled when he saw up-close his bride, her beauty was beyond words. Thus, the story of Isaac and Rebekah in the Bible. The former learnt to let go of his seeming un-detachable past through the help of the latter.

No man is an island. We are born in this world as social beings. We go insane if we don’t know to acquaint with others. We could be shy and reserved, but at least we have our own small circle of friends. If you don’t have, I challenge you to break your molds and find yours.

All of us exist with our own pair. They are just their waiting to be discovered in due time. If Rebekah was Isaac’s wife, others can be your friends, officemates, church-mates, classmates, and etc. When you meet them, make the most. But when time to part ways, don’t also feel too much affected that it makes you sick.

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