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Friday, 24 March 2017 13:04


BY Berlie G. Yap

“For the righteous falls seven times and rises again, but the wicked stumble in times of calamity.” (Prov. 24:16,ESV)

Setbacks are sometimes inevitable. It is an absolute guarantee that we cannot perform our endeavors always in a precise manner. Admittedly, there are those times which we also fail. Now it is in this same circumstances where we ought to stand strong and to stay determined, to continue the fight or the race. Thus, friends, don’t ever forget that the only or clean rule in this game called LIFE is that we must do it WELL and SQUARELY.

First of all, learn two things: not every day we win, but we can turn such setbacks as to be our literal stepping stones, for a better success the following day. Can you agree that these truths do really work, anytime and anywhere? But if one may soon succumb and throw his towel, even a brighter future which is already fixed for him, cannot anymore come to pass.

An actual defeat is not the literal loss of one’s strength, resources or energy. It is when he determines inside of him to already or personally give-up the battle. In such wise, the battle or the game is already done. Therefore, hate quitting that if you want to see a good success ahead of you. Retain, by all means, a fighting spirit. Refuse to concede, give-up or turn your backs from the heat of the battle.

The simple reason why we ought to behave such is because you cannot tell that the following minutes or day, is already your needed break! So, by all means, dig your heels deeper and brace yourself more! What is ahead of you is a brighter future. Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, thus it is called PRESENT!

Celebrate your days! Have the constant attitude of a champion. Champions do not give-up, they persevere in life at all times. One more point, champions do not win all the time. They also fall. The only distinction which makes them unique from other ordinary human beings, despite of their failures, they get up and continue their fight.

Do not cheat. Those who use other ways to win the game, by dishonesty, cannot enjoy fully their future victory. Just think of it, you may win though but you achieved it by cheating. Push your way with your own sweat and in total honesty. Remember, it will always be sweeter to eat your bread, when such is obtained by hard work, or that you played the game of life in honesty.

What may cheat parents feel when they feed their children from dishonest money? Maybe because one have already developed an obstinate heart, he cannot feel any guilt or shame then. We can see many in our society—corrupt politicians, drug traffickers and etc. You may wonder how did they survive or simply live with such a very infamous lifestyle!

It ain’t just our skins which can grow to be callous, our hearts as well. I learnt, that in the process when a repeated sin becomes eventually a behavior, the person cannot feel anymore the necessary conviction. Thus, according to Jesus the unforgivable sin is not those which are committed against the Father or to the Son, but against the Holy Spirit! Why maybe?

When the Holy Spirit leaves a person, conviction is gone, and to what will remain is the adamancy of his heart. Scary, ain’t it? We ought to pray every day that God will give us a clean and a submissive heart. So that if we may loss anything physical thing, we won’t be sorry then. But friends, we should daily feel the touch of the Holy Spirit. God is our absolute guide. Live with Him and by Him.

Very nice to live daily with the presence of the Lord around you. God is light, and in Him there is no darkness. Thus, he who walks with Him, does not walk in darkness. Darkness is literally meant as sin, miseries, sicknesses, diseases and even curses. Yes, curses are real. One doesn’t have to live by it, because God gave His only begotten Son to die for us on Calvary, so that we can live with the Father’s eternal blessings.

Give your life to God! Never hesitate to surrender your precious life to Him. One cannot be wrong, when He yields to the Lord. Often, we go to destructive ways, then we hurt ourselves, and also those whom we love. Now, if you give your life to God, He will wipe away all of your tears, change your miseries into blessings, and He will guide you every day. If you may be hurting, defeated or down-trodden, my challenge to you, give your life to God today. Then He will give you back a new start.

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