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Tuesday, 28 March 2017 11:31



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us…” (1 John 1:8, the Holy Bible).


DINNER BETWEEN RODY & LENI WILL NOT STOP POLITICAL WRANGLING: I am sorry but I doubt if political unity—or, at the very least, a cessation of political hostilities like the filing and counter-filing of impeachment and other charges—could be achieved by a dinner between President Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo.

Yes, Duterte may feel that breaking bread—and sharing food and wine—in private with Robredo and her children, and Duterte’s own children as well, could lead to patching up of their differences, but the reality of politics is such that, at certain levels of political power, it is no longer just the family that controls a politician’s behavior and directions.

What truly controls a politician’s thoughts, speech, and actions—and even appearances—are those that are dictated to him by the forces and benefactors that brought him or her to sensitive and powerful positions. And this would be undeniably true with Robredo, as with Duterte.


LENI’S PATCHING UP WITH DUTERTE WOULD BE CONSIDERED TREACHERY BY HER PATRONS: It must not be forgotten that Leni would still be a struggling lawmaker now if the Liberal Party did not push her to become its vice presidential candidate in 2016. If we are to believe Leni’s claims then that she did not have the money and the political machinery needed to win the vice presidency at that time, it would not be unfair to assume that she was prevailed upon to run because the LP assured her of that money and machinery.

Now, having won (even if this is still being contested before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, PET) despite her lack of money, machinery, popularity and despite her being a political novice, Leni surely would feel heavily indebted, and rightly so, to the Liberal Party and its chieftains, and to all others, including apparent supporters from foreign soils, who helped her in more ways than one.

At this point in her career, Leni cannot be expected to just turn her back to these people and groups, and all of a sudden become chummy-chummy with the man who thwarted the LP’s burning ambition to remain in power even in the aftermath of the failed presidency of one of its beloved leaders. That would not just be the height of ingratitude. It would be considered by her patrons as treachery of the highest order.


COST OF DINNER BETTER TO BE USED IN ANTI-RABIES DRIVE: So then, the order of the day for President Duterte is to simply proceed with his thrusts and directions, particularly on his fierce campaign to rid the Philippines of the scourge of illegal drugs—something that proliferated and clearly abetted by Leni’s colleagues during the Noynoy Aquino presidency.

The President should continue his stance of ignoring, or of not concerning himself with the negative and often distorted criticisms from his political foes, Leni included. They are, after all, the rantings of persons and groups who are clearly smarting from having been defeated by a political nobody, and who are trying to distract that nobody from running after them for their undeniable corruption and support for illegal drugs while they were the ones in power.

I am sure nothing is ever going to come out of any dinner or, pardon me for saying this, of any other private meeting between the President and the Vice President. It would be better if the cost of hosting that dinner—or any other private meeting—could be channeled to more worthwhile projects, like capturing stray dogs and cats, to prevent the spread of rabies.


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