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Thursday, 30 March 2017 10:48

“Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” (1 Cor. 15:58, ESV)

I was one of the more than one thousand students who graduated in WMSU last Tuesday—March 28. The ceremony started at exactly 7AM, and we ended at more than 1 o’clock! Just imagine how it was to graduate in such a huge number. In fact, the university simplified the flow of the graduation, and they even divided the graduation into two batches. I was with the first batch last Tuesday. Candidly, the experience was an exhilarating one!

What I will endeavor then, within this couple of weeks, is to secure all of my necessary clearances. I also have enrolled already in San Beda for the review, my wife bought me then my tickets. Though I’m still in negotiation for my room, which will be in Legarda St., Manila. My stay there, including the bar, shall be close to six months.

Days are so fast, indeed! I still can remember, four years ago, when I enrolled to Claw in WMSU. After I completed everything, the first thing which I did was to ask another enrollee, who later became my classmate also—Foster Kin Sumpiao, to get me a shot at the façade of our college, which bore a huge banner of the law school. Admittedly, my intention then was that I could have something to post in my Facebook wall. And, last Tuesday was already our graduation.

The patience, sacrifice and dedication paid off at last. Although, it is still half-way to reach my life’s pursuit. But at least the four years is done now. Thank you Lord, and thank you also for Dean (Atty.) Ed Sanson, who is already now our second dad, since we entered in law school. Of course for all of our strict and brilliant professors, as well—thank you very much. There also is Sir Bong Salcedo, the CLaw secretary, who has been a constant help to all of us.

How about you friend, what is your dream? Pursue them! Nothing is impossible under heaven. All God demands is only—if you can believe. Of course, there will always be a price in every height we wish to reach. No pain, no gain! Laziness is the worst enemy to any dreamer. Sacrifice will always be the twin manifestation of any good dream.

Thus, if one is ambitious but he is lazy at the same time, he can forget his ambition and may just settle to where he is, because definitely, he will have nothing to achieve or nowhere to reach, due to his laziness. Ours is a competitive world. One will have to wade his own waters to reach his destination. After all, so long as we will be tenacious, we can be winners too!

In the real game called life, the only rule is endurance. There will be no first, second or third places. Everyone is admitted as a champion, so long as he never gives up. Quitters are losers! The Lord said, “But the one who endures to the end will be saved.” (Matt. 24:13, ESV) The price is though pretty tough, but is also simple.

Give all of your efforts to your chosen endeavor. Your passion is your calling. It may be a long shot sometimes, but it will always be worth it if you love your work, profession and your own life. “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.” (Eccles. 9:10, ESV)

When you fail and hurt yourself, count them too as always part of your progress and personal growth. After all, we do not often value God’s gifts if we cannot feel any pains along. Those same trials, we bear in the journey, are our absolute anchor to keep us grounded or the very thing to help us manifest genuinely the character of humility.

It also takes an actual sensitivity around you, so that you can be able to fully enjoy your blessings. It won’t still be a complete success, if the holder of the blessing is selfish. He must realize though that he belongs to a society, and he ought to interact or simply share goodness to the rest of the people around him. Remember, no one is an island. God has created us to be part or a help of the growth of others around us, and vice versa.

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