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Friday, 31 March 2017 11:23



WE cannot deny that we are in very tough times. I am referring more to the spiritual side of our life than to anything else. Yes, there are a lot of difficulties in the other aspects, but it’s in the spiritual and in the field of religion where the toughest of conditions are met.

There’s a lot of religious indifference around, affecting the youth especially, caught in the web of pornography, drugs, etc.

Doctrinal errors, confusion and ignorance are increasing. Immoral practices proliferate and seem to be the new normal. There’s even a palpable drift toward hostility to anything that has to do with religion.

We know that it’s in the spiritual aspect where the very core beliefs and attitudes of the people can be found. Once that is in some kind of crisis, all the other dimensions of life would also be in crisis.

And yet in spite of all these, there is still hope. It’s precisely in these conditions that the greater power of God can be shown. Yes, it’s the time for miracles. But we have to do our part.

Like those episodes of the miracles in the gospel, we have to be as determined as those characters in the gospel who found themselves in some miserable and helpless state. We have to exert utmost effort to go to God as soon as we can, without delay. If we cannot do it ourselves, let us ask others to bring us to him.

Remember the story of the woman sick for many years with a haemorrhage. In spite of what she had to go through just to touch the hem of Christ’s vestment, she just went ahead and got her cure.

The lame, the paralytic, the blind also did their begging in spite of unfavourable conditions just to get the attention of Christ. And yes, they received their cure.

When they cannot go to Christ himself, their friends brought them to him. That was the case of the paralytic who was brought to Christ in a pallet by his friends and even had to bore a hole on roof for that. The same with Jairus, the synagogue ruler, who begged for his daughter’s cure. The same with the Syrophoenician woman who begged for her daughter’s cure.

We need to do our part also before a miracle can happen.

Of course, Christ can also perform his miracles without being asked.

That was the case of the dead son of a widow. He just let the son rise to life again when he saw the body carried away for burial. But normally, we have to do our part, and in fact, to insist on it.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you,” Christ clearly said.

Nothing is impossible with God. And he is always around and, in fact, is always solicitous of our needs and actually intervening in our life.

We should never lose hope. Let’s implore for miracles for our very tough times.


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