A Man with Temperance, Always Wins PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 02 April 2017 14:51


BY Berlie G. Yap

In the battle called life, the patient person always wins over his high-tempered opposite. Patience is a virtue, and it is not just an ordinary characteristic but an exceptional one, which canonly be found strictly outstanding and excellent people. Thus, they surely cannot be the portions of the mediocre or mean men.

When a traffic jam was unbearable, two motorists argued for just in a single misunderstanding. Due to the heat, perhaps also to his earlier circumstances, and his pride, the one pulled a gun and killed the other. The reason was only the former’s impatience to the latter. The result, he ends up to a penitentiary serving a life sentence.

When one’s cool dissipates, he is always at the loss. However, if a person instead chose to be patient, despite of all the odds around him, he wins at the end, and others will even celebrate his victory to copy them as a good example. David in the Bible was envied by King Saul. To the extent that the latter wanted to already kill the former.

Saul’s jealousy was pretty severe. However, David didn’t buy the inhumane attitude of his king. For certain times, he must hide and run as a fugitive, just to be able to save himself from the anger of King Saul. Much, he stayed patient because he was taught by his parents not to touch or harm the king as the “God’s anointed”.

Saul’s office was a divinely appointed one. Hence, David didn’t attempt to injure it. If he would, his rationale, he also did already destroy God’s authority, in effect. He instead rather convinced himself to allow God to deal Saul. The price was to walk to a higher road and let God take the reins.

Patience is high and very high to the furious and mediocre, so that they don’t anymore attempt to trek it. Saul was of such character, he always wanted the short cut. His heart was evil. He felt that David was a threat to his power and his posterity. Thus, he resorted to murder and deceit.

When one walks in righteousness, God shall definitely be on his side. His sure defender will be the Creator Himself. It was the case of the son of Jesse—David, though in the struggle he was like a worm against a hawk, but God fought for him. In the end, the impatient met his match, who was another evil, and David was lifted to the throne to succeed him.

Patient people will remain to be guiltless up to the end. His pure character will give him the necessary immunity against all odds. Come what the trials, testing or temptations, he will definitely survive because his exceptional character is undefeatable. Such will be his ticket every step of the way to greatness.

Politicians know about this value. Hence, inasmuch, they hold their restraints every time, to become good examples to others. Once, a mayor from the South proceeded to the Central Police Station to apologize to a group of complainants and the police themselves for his son. The former was very sincere in his words.

The son, accordingly, found a fight to some locals in their neighborhood here in Zamboanga. Pissed off more, the said son pulled a revolver and fired a warning shot to the air to overcome his opponents. Now, the son thought that it was already the end. He forgot that things are different here in Zamboanga, than in the South.

Few hours later, policemen were already knocking to the residents of the mayor, looking for the son. Thus, the settlement ended at the police station. Because the father chose to be patient, he was able to calm down a supposed real trouble for his son. Obviously, the young man’s character is still undeveloped, unlike to the father who is already a seasoned politician who knows diplomacy.

Patience is after all an inexpensive one. In fact, with regards to patient people,the only thing they give up, in the process, is the useless pride. Pride is a poison, but it is a different poison than the rest, because if one shall swallow it, the man will instead live and not die. Often, it is our ego which leads us to unnecessary troubles, while our humility, on the other hand, will and can promote us to better glory.

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time. Cast also your anxiety on Him because he cares for you.” (Js. 5:6-7, NIV) God bless you.