To ensure orderly Holy Week: Liquor, backpack banned in CCC Park PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 03 April 2017 13:28


Mayor Beng Climaco has ordered the prohibition on the bringing in, sale and drinking of liquor, bringing of bladed weapons and firearms as well as backpacks and other similar items at the Mayor Cesar C. Climaco Park in Abong-abong during the observance of Holy Week from April 12 to 15.

The directive is contained in Executive Order 256 issued March 23 in order for the people to “commemorate the observance of the occasion with reverential solemnity and respect.”

During Holy week, the CCC Freedom Park in Abong-abong Upper Pasonanca becomes the center of activities, as the Christian faithful converge thereat to reflect the passion and crucifixion of Christ at the different stations of the cross.

Specifically, the ban includes the bringing, sale and drinking of liquor or intoxicating drinks, the bringing of audio/video equipment and playing of loud music and the brining of firearms bladed weapons and the bringing of backpacks and other similar items within the CCC Freedom Park during the specified period.

The police are tasked to confiscate and dispose immediately the prohibited items from violators of the executive order. Violators will be conducted to the police station for investigation and filing of charges, if so warranted, under existing laws and ordinances or the imposition of fines as the case may be.

Those with backpacks will be denied entry to the park at the discretion of the police.

The issuance of the executive order is a result of a series of meetings conducted by the City Government with the different stakeholders that started since last month.

Another executive order, this time, concerning the traffic scheme in all roads leading to the Freedom Park and major churches in the city, is expected to be issued soon. (Sheila Covarrubias)