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Tuesday, 04 April 2017 11:50


BY Berlie G. Yap


I am an admitted fan of The Walking Dead (TWD) series in Fox Channel. There is no episode which I didn’t literally watch. It’s the only program, in my busy schedules, within the week that I constantly see forward to watch regularly, and the rest I do not. I either instead read or sleep earlier for a better strength the following day.

Besides of the goring of the walkers’ stinky dead blood, the drama, the action and the suspense, I am candidly drawn to how Rick’s group fights life positively. In the story, they had to survive by all means. They’d been through a lot, as anarchy replaced civility, because of the cataclysm which dragged humanity to a brink of extinction, and there they had also the endless undead walkers to be hacked, to be shot and point such directly to their brains to deactivate, so to speak, their already out-of-order systems.

In the story they had no choicebut to survive, in an extremely hostile world, they must sleep to hope that the day following would still be another extended day to live, or to wake up alert and active to defend themselves from all the forces around; that they must choose the will to survive—to mutually protect themselves from the walkers and the saviors’ group.

Their prolonged bonds, through the years, fostered them a strong relationship, so that they already did call themselves a family. They were total strangers at the beginning, but in the process of their individual struggles for survival, they met unsuspectingly and later helped each other to defend themselves.

There are a lot of real things in the story which we can reflect on, to my opinion, which are parallel in our day to day lives. One of which is obviously the hope to live, survive and make it real every day! We don’t have walkers around to slain or wicked living individuals to fight, but we have our different life’s battles to face and overcome to.

When one has hope, comes what all the forces in the world which would want to dampen his spirit, but so long as he won’t give-up, he surely can easily knock and outlive them one at a time.All people in the world are born equal and are also given by God with equal chances to create their own histories and exploits.

The dividing line though, is the ability of the exceptional ones to rise higher and leave mediocrity, to be able to walk onmore blessed grounds. These same peoplehave thrown their despondencies, self-pities, pasts, and all kinds of garbage whomanyone can think of, and they stay focused towards a direction.

A nurse had to work in an unfair time of duty, 12 hours overnight, in three weeks because their supervisor didn’t like her, so the left-over schedules were given to her. Honestly, this lady nurse felt the apparent discrimination. However, instead to whine, engage on a pity party, or worse quarrel her supervisor, she continued to work to her plotted schedules with such a positive attitude.

She reasoned to her mind, as her way of a reverse psychology, that on a graveyard shift she couldn’t be overworked compared to the day shift.Thus, the good nurse could go home every off time the following day, though tired, still happy and emotionally unspoiled. Who was agitated in the clandestine schedule, it was her supervisor who wasn’t able to defeat her positive spirit.

The Lord said, “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” (1 Cor. 15:58) It is normal, to any average person, to ask why there are individuals who cannot be satisfied to stay in their limits but would want to hurt others, or worse gloat at the expense of the weak ones.The world is always unfair, that is a given fact. However, God is always fair who rewards anybody who continues and not give-up to reach his finish line.

Mickeyboy found it in a local university, to complete his accountancy course, though in 6 years. He is brilliant boy and his family knows it. Hence, he was given the priority, despite that it was costly, to study in such a prestigious private university and in an expensive course.Came the defining moment, he went together with his batch in Manila to review for their board exam.

I still could remember that, at least, a week before their flight schedule, he asked us to pray for him. And sure we did, we laid our hands on him and bid him heaven’s blessings. To make long story short, he took the exam. Now when the results came out, his name was there printed as one of those who made it!

Mickeyboy is now Manila and is presently working in a big company. Again, before he left we prayed for him. I personally reminded him to how he and his family sacrificed, and that his blessings are the results of their perseverance.

Keep it up child of God, fight the good fight of faith, and let no force on earth steals your God-given destiny. Pay the price of your glory, though how hard they may seem. After all, the Lord shall help you make it! God bless you.