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Thursday, 06 April 2017 10:48




LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…`Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly’…” (Leviticus 19:15, the Holy Bible).


WAS SUENO SINGLED OUT AMONG OTHER CORRUPT OFFICIALS? So, okay, President Duterte lost the requisite presidential trust and confidence that former Interior and Local Government Secretary Ismael “Mike’ Sueno must maintain at all times so he could cling on to his Cabinet position. But isn’t the public entitled to know why the President no longer trusted Sueno?

The fact is that, if it was corruption that caused Duterte to let go of Sueno, many other officials under the Duterte administration should no longer be allowed to remain in their positions, on account of massive reports about their own corrupt activities. Why single out Sueno then?

In fact, his own men are up in arms even against each other, even if they are the closest allies of the President. The case of his campaign leaders and contributors from Mindanao who are now trading accusations of gross corruption and immorality against each other is a case in point. Why are these leaders and contributors not being called out by the President, too?


DUTERTE’S CAMPAIGN FOR REFORMS DOUBTED: Then, some who are still enjoying great powers on account of their lofty positions under the Duterte government are likewise untouched, even if they are no longer protecting the interest of the people, but of the officials who served under previous administrations. Why the discrimination?

This apparent double standard in dealing with government officials who are perceived to be either truly corrupt or thick-faced saboteurs who have no qualms about making a mockery of the President’s campaign against corruption by protecting their patrons or those whom they owe great favors from—like appointments that are clearly undeserved—is giving the impression that Duterte’s campaign for reforms is not really genuine after all.

I am sure that the President has access to sensitive information about what officials are doing in their respective departments. I believe he knows what each and every official he appointed, or were appointed under previous regimes, are up to, or what they are trying to protect. He must act against them decisively, in the same way he acted very decisively against Sueno and one other former official, to protect his presidency.


DUTERTE MUST CONFRONT OWN RELATIVE ON DAP ROW: The president’s rant against the lack of the proper corruption or, perhaps, plunder charges, against former President Aquino and all those who had a hand in taking over billions in government funds from various agencies under the executive branch for use as reward to lawmakers to oust then Chief Justice Renato Corona should be directed against his own relative by affinity, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales.

Morales, as the Ombudsman, is the only official in government who has the power to investigate and file corruption and plunder charges against Aquino and his cohorts and political allies who received what Aquino called as “disbursement acceleration program” (DAP) fund.

Yet, Morales, who is a relative of a man linked by affinity to Duterte, has clearly made a mockery of her position by refusing to sue Aquino, despite a clear Supreme Court order to prosecute those responsible for the scam. Is this relation by affinity the reason why there is no one among Duterte’s men who is moving against Morales?


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