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Thursday, 06 April 2017 10:50


BY Berlie G. Yap


“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. For I rejoiced greatly, when the brethren came and testified of the truth that is in thee, even as thou walkest in the truth.” (Isa. Peop1:2-3, KJV)

The usual mistakes of any family member, to their loved-ones, is to suppress their passion or life’s calling. Thus, such insistence may end to a confusion of the latter or an actual rift between them. My mom came to visit me, actually intentionally, because of my graduation last week. But she asked me permission to leave again. She is already 72 years old, I wanted to stop her, but then it dawned on me that she may be offended again, and not to return anymore, long as 2 years. So I allowed, and she left again yesterday.

It pained though to see her leave, but what was my choice! I encouraged her though to return again on the end of May, at least before I fly for my 5 months review in Manila. She did not clearly reply to my invitation. She only blessed me, by telling me that may God answer all of the desires of my heart.

Each of us has different life’s calling. God is the actual author of our dreams, He personally soaked them inside our hearts. Our individual calling is also unique. Thus, others cannot immediately appreciate our desires, when they do not see their immediate fruits or results. Well, such is also normal because the former do only think for the latter’s welfare. Simply, they do not want to see their loved-ones fail in the process.

Albeit, to reach one’s dreams always involves actual risks. Many hate the unknown. People, inasmuch, want to stay in a safer ground. Any unchartered water is an unfriendly endeavor for the seasoned and veteran folks, whose sole desires is to see their loved-ones succeed in life. But also unknown to them, the calling of such loved-ones are definitely not the same as theirs.

Jehovah God called Abraham to follow His direction. God’s finger pointed a sure unknown future for the patriarch. It was a great undertaking, simply because Abraham would have to leave the security and comfort of home. Abraham’s father was an influential man, in the ancient city of Ur. Nonetheless, his personal calling involved a pioneering spirit—to wade an unchartered water.

Well, we pretty sure know already the subsequent story, of how the man began to build the great stories of his two sons. His firstborn Ishmael—from Hagar, was the father of the Arabs, and Isaac, also the father of the Jews. To venture to the unknown is always the first step to follow our God-given dreams. Admittedly, along are the necessary adjustments. But the discomforts cannot absolutely equal to the greater blessings, which will await us ahead.

I wish to address this line to the parents, support the dreams of your children. Do not push your idea to become also their personal paths. So long as you can know that their direction is not immoral or self-destructive, give them all of your blessings. Anyways, the Lord will provide all of their needs, every step of the way.

A life’s pursuit is a strong drive, situated inside the soul of any person. It continues to blaze in his heart, thus it propels him every day. Those who are driven with dreams can also see vivid pictures in their minds. In abstract forms, they can see the reality of their dreams, inside their hearts. You see, God has indeed His way of creativity to motivate us, pursue our life’s calling.

What if Christopher Columbus or Ferdinand Magellan did not sail to the unknown? The Americas or the Philippines might not be discovered earlier and were influenced by the West. Things could have been different then, but the momentum of our history is the result of the divine plan of God.

Do not become a sour hindrance to the dreams of your loved-ones. Support them all the way. When my daughter asked me to work overseas, I candidly could not allow her right away. She was a simple home buddy. Such was the situation three years ago. But now, she is already in Qatar, presently working as a registered nurse.

Now, her younger brother asked me also to study again and pursue his childhood dream to become a doctor. I will not deny to you my hesitations, because he wanted to enroll in Manila. But I came to be reminded again that it is his dream. He just took his entrance exam last month, then the following interview two weeks later. At present, he is crossing his fingers to wait for the results. God is good all time!

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