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Saturday, 08 April 2017 13:29


BY Berlie G. Yap


When discouragement may hit you and you seem to feel that there is nothing anymore to be grateful of, this should remind you that, at least, the gift of life which you have, from the almighty, is actually one of the primal reasons that anyone else in the world, including you, can still be thankful of, that even despite of the worst odds which one could clash.

Job went through the same situation, when he lost all of his material things that he still continued to thank the almighty. His rationale was, “…naked we came into this world, thus naked we shall return to the Father”, and “God gives, God also takes” (Job 1:21, NIV). By maintaining such attitude, Job remained blameless, well, until he started to whine.

Gratitude is a virtue and also a sign of inner strength, while constant complaining is an apparent manifestation of hidden weaknesses in a person’s life. Though one may be athletic and outwardly good-looking, or even highly intelligent, but if his attitude is to whine always, he is a shallow person, that’s a guarantee.

Folks!There are limitless reasons why we could live grateful every day, we will just have to open our eyes and notice them. Here’s a funny testimony of a friend. Ten years after his marriage, he met again his ex-girlfriend. Initially, he didn’t know what to do or how to react, because their last status, before they parted ways, was not so good.

Then in split of seconds, he got sobered and suddenly a thought of gratitude came on him that it must have been the plan of God that their previous relationship didn’t work, because of their incompatibility, otherwise their lives today could be a complete misery. Accordingly, he shook his ex’s hand, for awhile they exchanged pleasantries and, lastly, he bid her good luck to her new life.

The friend told me that he left the place released from an old, unnoticed and un-dealt hurt which he already had forgotten, in the process of time, even without knowing it. His breakthrough just simply permeated that moment, because he chose to be grateful than bitter. There are how many people today who are deprived with the real pleasures in life, for they rather opted to live in their past and they instead wanted to stay bitter than to become a better person!

The experts opined that one can know that he already has moved on and hurts ain’t there, if he can stare straight to the eyes of his offender and he doesn’t feel anymore, not a single, prick in his heart. You may check or try that in you as well, in case you also are undergoing a relative situation. You deserve to live happy—free from pains, regrets and condemnations.

The son of God came to this world to give us freedom. He paid the total and formidable price of pain, suffering and the cross that you and I can live in a life of fullness. St John said that “He whom the Sons sets free is free indeed!” (John 8:36, NIV) A life of liberty is an expensive one, yet here’s the good news—God gave it for free to us, if we trust our lives in Him.

Don’t be content to live in a daily life of despondency, life is beautiful friend. The sky is blue, honey is sweet, the morning breeze is fresh, to listen a good music is nice, to have a family is a fulfillment, to be in school or to have a job is a privilege, having real friends is exceptional, and the list is endless.

A brother had an accident 2 days before his birthday, a Christmas, thus he is named Jess. He was rushed right away by the rescuers to the nearest hospital. The attending physicians candidly told his family that his chances to live were slim. But it was a miracle that he recovered. He actually underwent a neurosurgery and needed still to recuperate for few more weeks.

I still can vividly remember when we paid him visits, a week after his accident. Everyone prayed that he could be conscious back else his lack of response may lead him to a long coma. Hence, his wife, children and the entire family prayed for his consciousness to revive. Then, this was the scenario—we talked to him as normal and told him the worth to live for his family. He suddenly opened his eyes and stood up, with the hoses and wires attached in his body and head!

The nurses panicked to calm him down. The following days were his gradual healing and steady recovery. That was 13 years ago. He is still connected to his old company today, while his two children are now both grown-up—the eldest had also just graduated in WMSU from BSCriminology and the second, an incoming grade 12. The latter was, in fact, recently awarded as one of the 10 most outstanding Boy Scout of the Philippines, in Metro Manila.

Recalling back those darkest hours of the family, I’m always reminded to how everyone held onto God as their only hope and source. God didn’t fail them. What’s your story? You may drop other things, but never Him, the Father, who loves you unconditionally. He ain’t just a choice! He is our one and only hope. If you trust Him, he will not let you down. Stay always grateful and believe in Him every day.

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