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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 14:50


BY Berlie G. Yap

The heat of the sun today does simply confirm that it is now the start of the summer season. The temperature daily is indeed scorching or extremely hot. In fact, it will always be better to walk outside with either an umbrella or at least, for the guys, to wear a reasonable cap to cover our heads. I went to downtown yesterday, and yes, under the mercy of the element.

My exposure was only something an hour time; I went from one office to another, I had some applications to comply. Then, when I was done, I just felt that I was sucked very dry physically. Probably, because I also just recovered from a flu, thus my weakening then. Again, we ought to be extra careful in our outside schedules, never so much expose yourself under the sun.

There was this beautiful miracle story in the Old Testament. The people of God walked,or rather wondered, in the desert for 40 years. It was a wonder though that nobody became sick, in fact the Bible said that all of them were strong—nobody was weak amongst them. And we are talking about a population, that according to bible scholars that the Israelites at that time have reached,to 2million people already—including women and children.

The heat of the sun, byday, and the extreme cold at night should be their worst enemy to topple them down in those forty solid years. But the greatest testimony was none of them was affected of those said elements. Everyone lived in the protection of the Father. God was a cloud of glory to them by day, and a pillar of fire by night. Thus, they lived in God’s total protection.

Likewise, we also can live in sucha protection. God is real, so that if you will surrender to Him, He will preserve you and He will be your protector. Nowadays, we got so much dangers all around us, that no spouse may be able to predict how things can be, when her husband leaves the house. The road accidents today are that so high, wives will have to pray for the total safety of the latter, literally every day.

Prayer works. When we pray, we yield to the Father—it is an actual surrender, so that the person praying does seem to openly tell to the Lord to undertake everything. If it is God who holds the reins, we can always be sure that all is well. We can lay down to our beds at night and never to worry what to happen next,or on the following day. Simply because God is your safety and protection.

There are people who only come to God when they are already at their end wall. The Creator is seemed to be their last option, when everything had failed them already. Such is wrong! At the beginning, we ought to already trust the Lord, so that we can have clear directions ahead. A life without God is a sure chaos. It can be like a walk in a complete pitch-black darkness, even without a single spark around.

On the other hand, if God is with you, everything will be great then!The enemy of the Israelites, in the Bible, often wondered why the latter were impregnable, despite that they were small, helpless and often inexperienced, in times of war. The secret of the people of God was only simple—the Lord’s presence, which walked with them everywhere they went, and was their singular edge always.

Prayer invites the presence of God in your life, to your family, work place and everyone to whom you pray for. Prayer brings the manifest presence of the Father to one’s life. We just cannot see them though, but the truth is, when we pray, God’s literal glory comes down and abides with us. Remember, one of the names of God in the Bible is Emmanuel, which literally means God with us.

Start your day with an intimate prayer moments with the Lord. Do not panic, wake-up earlier and reserve your first minutes with the Father. Give Him your pre-eminence. Then you can absolutely see the total difference around. Those things which you may hardly accomplish, even in a hundred of years, you easily can comply them just in few minutes.

Prayer readies you to face your day. It leads you to an earlier surrender to the Creator Himself, so that all things will fall then to their proper order, before you. Favor is also another obvious blessing which comes along your life, if you live in total control, under the power of God. Its manifestations are always tangible, although invisible. May the remaining days of the Lent will become a good reminder to all of us, the reality of God.

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