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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 14:53



San Jose, CA. —  Before taking a devotional break for the Holy Week (my family and I are observing it in Regina, Canada), I’d like to stress one of the political agenda that El Presidente and congress will put forth before the people: the creation of the Bangsamoro political entity, better known as the revitalized, well-funded and restructured Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) seen to be the solution to the Mindanao conflict.

The advocates of the ARMM have silenced their weapons of destruction and have forestalled attacks on innocent civilian communities and ambuscades of soldiers and policemen. What most endures about Dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos was his sense of peace — granting Muslim-Filipinos their desire for autonomy and their demand for political separation and religious recognition. This is why he created the autonomous regions of Western and Central Mindanao. He knew too well that the Muslim brethren wanted more government of their own. They, as Richard Nixon described it, want to be a “colony” in a nation. They not only want government handouts, but they want to shape their own destiny.

Nur Misuari still stands in the forefront of the “Muslim struggle” for self-determination. The radicalized Muslim-Filipinos (Abu Sayyaf and Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters) are fighting a government they perceive to be oppressive. We know that that is not the case.

Marcos created two colonies within a nation — places where Muslim laws are the tools of control rather than the foundation of prosperity. The ARMM is a political entity, a colony, a reservation — a political order they spilled Filipino blood to gain.

By a Supreme Court ruling, the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity proposed by then president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was shot down permanently. A new proposed political entity emerged during the incumbency of president Noynoy Aquino, the result of which was the Bangsamoro Basic Law that would create the new ARMM.

That piece of proposed legislation will be thrown to congress for discussion and heated debate, with a hundred amendments introduced to make it constitutional. But, not so fast, Gringo. The Cory Constitution will have to be abolished first to give way to a federal constitution. This means, paisanos, the BBL will have to stay in the shelf for, perhaps, another year because it will have to wait for the ratification of the PDP-Laban-tailored federal constitution. It could be that the ARMM will be one of the federal states or regional districts.

This means that the beneficiaries of the new ARMM will have to wait a little longer, maybe longer than little. The bestial guns of the MILF and the MNLF will have to be muzzled indefinitely. But for how long?

The sooner El Presidente and congress buckle down to serious work rather than flaunting their women in public, uttering vulgarities, raising a fist of fury against drug lords, smugglers, gambling lords and sex-den operators, conducting congressional inquiries, and spooning China’s behind over sovereignty and territorial rights, the better. Have our officials become an incorrigible lot? It has become a regrettable merry-go-around. Today, drugs. Tomorrow, China. The next day, Lilia de Lima. SOAG!

Too much violence looms. We are supposed to be a nation of laws. At the moment, I see a government concerned only with order. In the past, citizens called the police for protection. Now, citizens quiver at the presence of lawmen. Yes, El Presidente has struck fear in the hearts of even the innocent. Maybe, that’s what we need in a slowly decaying society. Marcos was on track in sowing the seeds of discipline. People were afraid of the strong hand of Martial law and the imposing decrees issued by Marcos.

El Presidente is a Marcos burlesque.

By the way... it’s my good friend’s birthday tomorrow — Vic R. Solis.

He’s not old. For a lawyer, he’s modish, always in style. Happy compleano, amigo!