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Tuesday, 18 April 2017 11:58


BY Berlie G. Yap

“Train up a child in the way he should go;even when he is old he will not depart from it.”’ (Prov.22:6, ESV)

By all means, we are to take care of our kids. We ought to endeavor any possible and godly way to protect their hearts and minds, from any predation surrounding them. If we can take care to build their values in a good foundation, we also can secure 100%—not just their future but also, the future of our world. Thus, our patience and love we give to them today is that critical indeed!

The good character of the children is the open success of the parents, on the other hand their crookedness will also become an undeniable shame of their elders. If you are a parent, I hope that this simple and short treatise may help encourage you to give an utter priority to your children. The greatest gift parents do ever receive from God almighty are their children; it ain’t their works, money and other earthly things.

Nonetheless, our daily needs may often push us to compromise our needed attention to them. Such is an admitted facts, and much when one is a single parent. Our economic life is an admitted major factor which also shapes our commitments. Albeit, nobody works 24/7! Inasmuch, any parent can have quality times with their children. 1-2 hour undivided time of a parent to his children is a powerful influence to the latter.

The voice of any parent is a physical extension of God to the children. God is invisible, but He becomes tangible through the touch of the parents to their children. Such is an innate truth to the hearts of the latter. In fact, advices of other people may be sweet to the ears of the kids, but the good counsel of the parents will definitely stick stronger to the hearts of the children.

Much when the latter may go through trials in life. The prodigal son, in the Gospel, chose his friends than his father. He spent his fortune to prodigal living with the wrong people. Temporarily, he loved it, but when he spent everything and nothing was left to him, he as well remembered the good advices of his father.

Thus, when he had no food to eat and what he consumed were swine’s leftovers, he cried and wished to go home. He missed his father. He remembered in those down moments the golden counsels of his old man. So he never hesitated to go home. But at this time, he was sickly and was old-looking already. The toll of his wrong life claimed a lot in his tender life.

Love is a powerful force, andit can only be given by the parents to the children. Although other people may also share such to the former, but not much as the parents endow to their children. Love are both words and actions. Why words, because the invisible love ought to be affirmed, now and then. It is also an action, simply because words alone are not enough. They must also be felt.

Success is partly useless, if we see our children stray from the right path. On the other hand, one may only have little in life, but if he was able to found good values to his children, he has achieved better. Surely, when the latter grows old, their exemplary testimonies will be far greater than any earthly successes. Remember, money, prestige, and other things cannot compete to the level of the value of our children.

Sweeter is the sleep of any parent, when his children are also in bed with him. A mother approached me one evening. He cried and asked me if I can help. The mother and her husband are much worried for their 13-year old daughter. She doesn’t go home to as much as two days. So, I helped the mother and we prayed for their daughter.

Admittedly, the media is the number one temptation of the youths nowadays. Any program on TV, or especially in the internet, indirectly allures the public to follow its lifestyle it portrays openly. Alas, if said programs kids watch are about drugs, violence or illicit sex, the lives of the latter will absolutely dwindle down to an absolute abysmal destruction.

Any media per se is not wrong or evil. It is just that we parents should know how to sort programs they watch. To be stern to what our children expose themselves is just but right. Never hesitate to protect your children. Love them with all of your heart. Unknown to us, every day our children are exposed to a lot of dangers, our love and prayers for them provide them their necessary hedge from destructions around.

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