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Saturday, 22 April 2017 14:55


BY Berlie G. Yap


One of my two most favorite songs is the version of Phillips, Craig and Dean’s “When God Ran”. I recently got a habit to play it in my program on Sundays in e105.9. I just love the inspiration behind the story of the song.

Most of us are familiar of the Gospel’s story of the Prodigal Son. Its narrative is quite extreme, for despite that the father in the story was still alive, yet the son had already asked his old man for his inheritance. It was more than just an insult but a blasphemy in a Middle Eastern culture. But surprisingly, the father without hesitations gave-in, though, to his son’s insistence! Its reason—the father loved the boy unconditionally.

Instead to invest his fortune for his future, the son went very far away from his father in a foreign land and spent to squander his inheritance. His wealth attracted many false friends until he lost all of them. Now, because he’d nothing even to buy for his own food, he went to ask to his supposed friends, but each turned their backs around and told him that they didn’t know him.

The son ended up to work to a hog’s farm. His job was so demeaning that his meals were the very food of the animals, he attended daily. In those down moments, he remembered his good home. There he wanted to return to the father. Way yet a good distance, the old man saw him in the horizon. Unknown to him—that since day one when he left, the father, actually, everyday waited for his return.

That day, however, was unlike to the first because the attractive and jolly son was now coming home smelly, old-looking, sick and lost. But, despite, the father still loved and accepted him! It is, hence, the background of the inspiration of the song When God Ran.There how many times, too, as relative to the Gospel’s story and the song, that we also leave the good path and insist to rebel because we think the wrong way is better than the right one?

We excuse that clean living is boring, unchallenging and without excitement. It was how the son felt the same excuse. It was his reason why he left his father’s house. He wanted to taste the wrong living. He made it, yes! But he paid the price for it. Every wrong act or decision a person may do will always have a corresponding consequence.

A young girl was already starting to join a good support group that helped guide her high school studies. Yet, one day, her parents opposed her zeal. Their reason: the support group could be a distraction for her studies. So she stopped. But months later, the young girl learnt to know other friends who led her to the wrong life. Make long story short, she involved to a lot of unwanted lifestyle.

The parents regretted why they didn’t choose God for their daughter. The price was too much that when the younger sister who also had later wanted to join the same support group, the parents this time didn’t anymore oppose but allowed her. The good thing then, the younger daughter succeeded in life—she graduated in a university, is now in overseas, and, most of all, she became a blessing to the family.

Worldly allures are irresistible that if one gives in, even only to a single attention, detaching from them could be impossible already. A 12-year old boy graduated as a valedictorian from another town. His parents wanted to give him a better high school education so they sent him here in Zamboanga. The boy stayed in a boarding house, started to go with friends to experiment smoking, drinking, and (worse) pot.

Unknown to his family in the province, the boy was already starting to cut classes. Upon the discovery of the parents, they also regretted why they did not accompany their young son. Parents’ presence in the growing process of any child is very crucial, for the moral influence of his young life. The son’s parents must bring the young boy heartbroken to a rehabilitation program just to clean him back. Detaching their son from his vices was now difficult.

What the group of those young kinds started as a trip later became as hard vices, gradually destroyed them.But the good news, our God is always willing to give us another chance. No enough human efforts can change our weaknesses. We need His providential strength. I help a number of young people who had issues in the past. I give them counsels and, every time, I tell them that transformation is a grace that only God could give.

What is nice is when a person’s life gets a fresh start, others may follow also. Its effect will go to be like ripples. Our generation does already have all the medicines, programs, technology and everything but man’s heart continue still to be empty. No enough money, vices, prestige and etc. could satisfy its void. Of course, nothing can fill our hearts because this eternal vacuum can only be satisfied by our Creator Himself.

Try God! You might have run away from Him a long time, yet He doesn’t hate you. He loves so much like the Father to His prodigal son whom he waited everyday to go home. Come to His arms back. Please tune in and listen to my weekly program in 105.9 FM band at 12NN-2PM on Sundays. I play inspirational songs, share interesting discussions and offer in-depth counseling and advices. During the program, you may text for song requests and for special greetings to these numbers, 0927-948-1279 or 0936-526-8769. God bless you.