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Monday, 24 April 2017 13:56


BY Berlie G. Yap

One of the real tests offriendship and commitment is the pace of time. Now, in friendship if the other party will not forget you, despite of the length of time of your separation, then you are lucky because suchfriend is indeed a real friend—he never forgot you. But alas, on the other hand there are many who easily can forget and may even esteem you as already a total stranger.

Such attitude is not good, and it reallyhurts. We ought not to expect much from any friendship;but the truth is: all of us are only human beings, who can as well feel then any pinch in our emotions. So, it indeed hurts when you’ve closer people who then suddenly have changed.Economic developmentcan be one of the reasons why closer people caneasily abandon us.

Well, the most that you(and I) can do is to move on and never stay to be hurt forever. Bless them, and do not curse. It is how lifein this world, there are indeed true friends and also not so true friends. Albeit, God is very good that despite, He still givesus other folks, who are be loyal and faithful to us. Indeed, it is also very encouraging when you have the latter along.

It is said that we are to be nice even to our enemies; but I believe we ought to be nicer to real and loyal friends. It is a wonder, that in the gospel, Jesus limited himself to the crowd. There were even plenty of times, where the Lord Himself withdrew from the people. In the book of John, the reason is revealed that the Lord knew the hearts of men.

Jesus never patronized people. He knew who were sincere and who were not. But with regards to His apostles, it was them Jesus gave His whole life. He poured all His resources to them. Thus, He trained them for three and a half years. They were the ones who later continued Jesus’ missions on earth. Yes! Real friendship matters.

Although, the candid price along is you cannot right away know who can be your real friends. It takes time to test loyal and faithful friends. Things do not manifest that fast in an overnight experience; real friendships are tested overtime. Thus, if you indeed have real friends along, you are very blessed—their kind, you cannot just find easily. So take them care and love them to the fullest.

If hurts to see people whom you gave your life and you loved them through the years, then you will just see them abandoned you in the end. As I said, we ought to be ready when such happens. Let go ofthem and move on. Do not be bitter, instead choose to become a better person. Iron sharpens iron; the bad attitude of others, if you know how to respond, will refine you to become a better person.

There are those to pass your life, whose one single duty is to teach you how to be forgiving. Short of saying, these same folks are there to hurt you, and to lay you helpless. It is in those particular moments where God Himself is crossing His fingers, and wait to how you may respond—whether in hate or in forgiveness.

Usually, loving people are forgiving people. They are the ones who went through seasons of pain, maybe betrayal also, or plain abandonment, so that they were able to move on and forgave those who hurt them. Such breakthrough then gave them the divine virtue of real love. Just like the Lord Jesus, He suffered the Cross and such displayed His eternal love for the entire world. Thus, whoever believes in Him will not perish but will have everlasting life.

Jesus gave us the living example, which we can follow or emulate. Ours is always a slippery world. Never wonder if there are those who falter in the process. Remain to be good. God will replace nicer people, more committed persons, and more faithful friends in your life story. After all, everything in this world is only temporary.

Permanence is on the next life. God is just building our character here in this side—on earth,of eternity. We must learn in the process; apply God’s guidance. Remember, all things will always work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. Again, everything has a reason and a divine purpose.

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