EJKs and bewildering thinking PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 April 2017 13:34

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

PNP has acknowledged that as of April 18,  2710 drug “suspects”  have been killed in police operations in the drug war. Please note that this writer has placed the  word suspect in quotes. If the word suspect has been used it is possible that these victims may not have been drug users or pushers at all. If they were not that is beside the point because they are dead, just the same. Killed by police bullets. This is one aspect of this administration’s war on drugs.

If the police came to arrest someone and this suspect resisted arrest and attempted to fight back, from the President’s perspective this is reason enough to shoot him down. And the President has promised that he will make sure that the PNP personnel involved will not be tried. If circumstances cannot be fully controlled and the policemen are found guilty,  the President has promised that he will give them absolute pardon.

It is even my understanding from the media that the death of a drug suspect will bring about a bounty of P10,000 per suspect. If I am not mistaken this was the context of the President’s message to the OFWs who are back in the country without jobs. Kill a drug suspect and earn some money. This reminds me too much of the wild, wild west of the US in cowboy films. But this is 2017, for heaven’s sake! Haven’t we moved  at all in our understanding and respect for human life, even if the lives involved are not those from the gated communities in Makati or Ayala Alabang?

This administration gets all heated up with the claims of Amnesty International or the UN observers about what they call extradjudicial killings or EJKs, such that the President is moved to his shower of profanities. One news report claims that in the government’s parlance a killing is an EJK case only if the victim is a journalist or an anti-government activist. If a vampire kills a person by sucking up its  blood but this kind of killing is not in the lawbooks does that  mean Count Dracula cannot be prosecuted in the Philippines? I am being facetious because this kind of logic is just too far out.

2710 have been killed in police operations as  claimed by PNP. However some  3000  more have been killed in the current drug war since this administration came in on July 1 this year. This additional number is attributed to EJK . Whether the police is responsible for these deaths or not, the better question to ask perhaps at this point is:  So what is the police doing about these killings? What has been done so far?