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Tuesday, 02 May 2017 13:44


BY Berlie G. Yap

“Where THERE IS NO VISION, THE PEOPLE PERISH: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” (Gen. 29:18, KJV)

In order for any human being to survive, or even simply increase his life, to walk with a vision is extremely necessary. Such is unnegotiable. Without said vision, as the Bible pointed, the people are destroyed—cast off restrained. In other words, men will lose their discipline and may just indulge to anything, even to those which are entirely not beneficial or totally detrimental to him.

A housewife sent me a message. She asked me some advice for her drunk husband. According to her, the latter did not care anymore to his health and also the needs of the family, so that all he did, almost every day, was just to go with his friends and to drink. Vision was gone inside the heart of this particular husband.

I replied kindly to this said wife, that the most that she could do was to pray for her husband. Indeed, prayer she endeavored to God, for her husband. Then, one morning the latter complained pains in his stomach. He was rushed to the hospital and was given a month medication by the doctor. Suddenly, the man stopped his alcohol addiction. He also has begun to reflect to what his family may become in the future, if his health will continue to go downhill.

The abrupt trial somehow redirected the husband again to cast, at least, few visions not just for himself but also for his family. At the moment, everyone is in a continuous prayer for the healing and total transformation of the husband. Again, nothing is impossible unto our God. Prayer is also very powerful. God hears the humble prayer of any sincere person.

A vision propels the man who has it inside his heart. It gives him the necessary direction ahead of him. Like a compass, a vision sets the man towards a destination. Such will become his full focus or course to wade. All of his energy, resources and abilities are economically spent towards that direction. Short of saying, absent of vision, a man can become entirely reckless.

Thus, it behooves us all to come to the Lord every morning to ask Him to set our souls ablaze, so that we can see visions inside our hearts. A good vision comes from the Lord. It is a kernel of his omniscience which he graciously imparts in our souls. Through it, we can run with passion. Thus, whether one is young or old, a man or a woman, rich or poor, and etc., he indispensably needs a vision.

Mediocrity can lead us to nowhere. Refuse to settle to the average, desire to level-up! Reach the higher level, expand and stretch your flexes—to get ahold of what is ahead of you. Often, the real challenge then is to wade our unchartered waters. It simply means God often will place a desire in our hearts to go to places or levels where our predecessors have never gone.

To venture the unknown is a scary one, but it is even scarier to insist in the status quo. To remain in the average is a gradual and a constant slide to complacency. Then, the next thing is carelessness already. Thus, when you feel like you are not anymore challenged, to what is ahead of you, become conscious then to return again, soon as you can, to the higher road which belong to the visionaries.

One time, Jesus was not with the twelve. He was up in the mountain to pray, but the latter proceeded ahead, as was told by the Master. Now, they set a sail towards the opposite side. The wind’s direction blew them softly. Albeit, a sudden squall soon threatened their very own lives, so much so that the waters were now drowning gradually their small and old wooden boat.

Everyone, including Peter—a seasoned fisherman, was so scared. Thankfully, the Lord Jesus came right on time to rescue them. He walked atop the waters to save the twelve. The analogy of the story is: when we succumb to the comfort of the average, such can be very dangerous. We ought to be challenged now and then. Our souls ought to be stirred always.

Such is the nature of any visionary. He is entirely consumed with that fire inside his soul, that even when he is asleep, his continuous dream is the same vision. Whew! Even while he is already unconscious, he is still propelled with such vision. Visions do not just belong to the great, the moneyed, politicians, to Americans or the rich. It is a gift which God endows to every human being.

A fisherman, one nighttime, told his children during their dinner, they must study very hard because one day they can become a mariner and manage bigger boats, than to the humble banca of their father. Little did the latter knew that such planted good seeds of hope to one of his boys; thus, when he went to college he studied Marine Transportation. To make the long story short, one day such fisherman’s son became an international ship captain. Friends, compel yourself to own a vision.

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