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Wednesday, 03 May 2017 13:52


BY Berlie G. Yap

“All things work together for good to them who love God and are called according to His purpose.” (Rom. 8:28)

God promised that nothing may happen to our lives as only a mere coincidence, so that each will work rather for our own good and personal growth. Of course, God is not the author of wrong things. When we go through evil experiences, the evil is not from God. Notwithstanding, the almighty may use such situation to bless us, though in a different form.

A disaster is an example where in our ordinary eyes, it does not contribute any pleasant thing to us. But do you know that there are countless of people, who have their lives changed forever, because they responded to the wrong situation positively and thus they later overcame and caused such ugly situations to be favorable for them?

A son used to be without concerns to his studies, and let alone for his future because his dad had a good paying job in their town’s big foreign factory. To him everything was pretty mediocre day-in and day-out. Now one afternoon, they received a call that his dad had an accident and died, due to an explosion inside the plant.

All changed after the demise of the father. Their mom was only a simple housewife. In other words, all the inconveniences followed then after the death of the father. Now, with regards to this son, things dawned on him that he needed to improve, be motivated and focus for his future. So he studied very well. Sure he graduated later with honors in college.

The wrong things did help him along change his perspective. Indeed, God has thousands of ways to get our needed attentions! He loves us so much that He cannot allow us to dwindle to our individual’s miry clay. He instead right away provides us our own rocks where we can stand and overcome our wrong situations. I mentioned about a right response, or attitude. Such is extremely important, when one goes through trials.

All of us will pass storms. Jesus said, in one of His parable, that both wise and foolish builders were tested. Their built houses were lambasted with the same storm. The difference though was the wise built his on top a rock, whereas the foolish in a sand. Thus, the former survived while the latter destroyed. In giving the needed meaning of the story, Jesus said that the wise builder is anyone who hears and does the Word of God—his personal response.

Faith and fear are relative things. They are both different responses to any person when he goes through tough times. Faith though is a positive one, while fear is negative. Faith leads us to overcome, whereas fear to a sure defeat. Thus, St. Paul said that God did not give us the spirit of fear, instead of power, love and sound-mind.

Fear paralyzes anyone who has it. It strikes the person to be helpless. Faith on the other hand empowers the individual, simply because he clings or trusts to the might of the Creator. Faith leads a limited man to the limitless power of God. Thus, to him all things become possible. So, when trials come, respond right away in faith, and not in fear.

Obedience and unbelief is another notable comparison. If we obey God, He guides us. He in fact will bless us. Now, in our unbelief God is displeased, so that He cannot work into our lives. God is without limit! But the truth of the matter is: to some people, God becomes limited through their unbelief. Abraham is the father of faith, because of his simple obedience to God.

The almighty called him to follow a direction totally unknown to him. But the man believed God; he obeyed God’s direction without any hesitation. He never had any unbelief. So, God was able to bless him. Abraham became even a blessing to others. Such even continued even up to our time. Again, his obedience opened-up the heaven to work onto his life in a magnificent way.

God never change. His principles remain the same, even today. The Bible was written hundreds of years ago. But it is a great wonder that its truths remain to be strongly relevant still in the 21st century. It is just men who changed, God did not! So that if we obey him, the same good things which happened to men and women in the Bible, like Abraham, can also happen to us. Friends, believe God! Allow Him to work in your life today.

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